Working life has taken me by surprise. I had not expected to enjoy it so soon. There’s much to be said for saying ‘yes’ when opportunity knocks. In the past, I’ve said ‘yes’ to new challenges. Sometimes, I’ve spent a year or more working out what on earth I was doing.

This working life
This working life

At the very least, saying ’yes’ can keep boredom at bay. At best, it’s enriching, delicious. Occasionally, a ‘yes’ can seem like the gateway to hell. Even when that happened, my knowledge and skills-base grew. I know I’ve come out at the end a different, better, person.

Less than a month ago, a  working life was as far from my mind as it could be. I felt very busy, keeping up with the things a retired person does. My life included playing on Facebook.

Be careful what you do on Facebook. It can lead to places you would not dream about!

As a result of a couple of comments on Facebook, I now have a part-time working life with the Spirit of the Streets Choir. You can read how I became involved here. Whoever would have thought that with a voice like mine I’d be working with a choir? Not only that, John also comes with me as a volunteer.

Every year the choir performs in front of over fifty different audiences. The thought of so many performances makes me dizzy. Imagine the organisation that takes place behind the scenes.

They call themselves a mixed choir, which can mean anything you want it to. ‘No auditions are required, so that people of all levels of singing ability, or none, can belong. The choir provides plenty of opportunities for people to Act, Belong, Commit.

Pretty Anglican church on Beaufort Street Highgate
Pretty Anglican church on Beaufort Street Highgate

The choir rehearse every Tuesday in St Alban’s Church Hall in Highgate. Volunteers provide a light lunch as this sociable group gathers. More organisation. People welcomed John and me with care and kindness.

Years ago, in a sociodrama training session, participants were invited to explore how we joined a group. I found the process very awkward. At the SOS Choir, though, everyone is accepted without question. We fit in.

We’ve enjoyed a few writing sessions. People share their stories as generously as they share their hospitality. Some stories and a poem are finished, ready for inclusion in the book. Some members paint and draw as well as sing. That augers well for the future of the project.

Some things I love about my new working life

  • The enthusiasm of the members of the choir
  • The jspirited singing
  • The spirit of camaraderie that I have rarely experienced before now
  • The acceptance of my role by everyone involved
  • Knowing I am still able to engage in the work
  • John’s close support, encouragement and suggestions
  • I do all the things I did before. The difference is I do them faster. And I’m better organised and feel as if I have more purpose.
  • Joy!

Finding fifteen or so hours a week for a worker’s life has not been the problem I thought it might have been. I’ll keep you posted about progress!

If you would like to join the Spirit of the Streets Choir, contact them here 

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8 replies on “Working life in the fast(er) lane”

    1. Christina I feel truly blessed to be involved with this project. Beyond my wildest dreams to be working like this.

  1. Fortune favours the prepared mind, or so the saying goes. How wonderful to have such opportunities and use them to the full.

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth. Yes, it is wonderful to have this further opportunity to do something I love and believe in. The choir is truly remarkable and I feel privileged to be part of it for a short time (or maybe they’ll teach me to sing and I’ll stay on when the book is finished!)

  2. You’re truly an inspiration, Maureen! Long may your love for this job continue! x

    1. Thanks, Louise. The job is self limiting to February next year. After that, who knows?

  3. Great blog and as I’ve been involved with SOS choir when I sang with them on stage as part of the combined choirs with Madjitil Moorna at the Perth Concert Hall, I can only reiterate these comments. Many of the SOS choir have been homeless and what this choir is doing for their self esteem is magnificent. Well done Maureen 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jenette. The SOS Choir plays a dramatic role in the lives of many people I feel blessed to play a small part in the life of the choir. I’m hoping some singing skills will brush off on me!

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