Twenty fun activities for 2020 – a plan

I wonder if I can I find twenty fun activities for 2020? It’s a bit of a challenge at this end of what turned out to be a tedious 2019, but I hope so.

Twenty fun activities for 2020

2019 has been unkind in many ways to many people. Across Australia there have been horrendous bushfires. Record heat waves. Drought and shortage of water. Increasing homelessness and underemployment. A serious influenza epidemic. The rest of the world experienced political unrest, demonstrations, riots and deaths. Natural disasters. Serious political dramas. The list goes on.

bushfire Australia

On a personal level, my husband had planned and unplanned surgery which kept us both almost house-bound for some months.

This time last year, I wrote and posted a blog, Nineteen fun activities to do in 2019. Although the year wasn’t perfect, I got around to most of them. Some things not on the list gave me great pleasure and the unexpected often delighted me. A few activities I’d planned didn’t eventuate.

Because of my ambition last year, caution tempers my list of twenty fun things for 2020. But without hope for a better future, what do we have ? So, here’s my list of twenty fun things I’ll do in 2020 in random order.

Twenty fun things for 2020 – the list

  1. Enjoy writing.
  2. Eat out more often.There are many interesting eating places near our apartment in Subiaco, but we don’t always take advantage of them
  3. Holiday interstate. Canberra or Darwin are the top contenders. I have never been to Darwin, and my last trip to Canberra was as a worker.
  4. Enjoy several mini-holidays. We have invitations, so there will be lots of opportunities. This year, watch out world Here we come!
  5. Lunch and coffee with my adult grandchildren more often.
  6. The Kings Park Festival in September demands more attention than I’ve given it recently. This year, I plan to be there with my camera on day one.
  7. Walk by a waterfall. Haven’t done that for ages.
  8. Take my 10-year-old grandson to his first string quartet performance. He learns the cello at school, and we have tickets for the Australian String Quartet in Winthrop Hall in February.
  9. Walk on the beach.
  10. Eat takeaways by the river and the ocean.
  11. Go to the theatre several times. Thank you for the tickets, Jenny and Susan.
  12. Fringe Festival always lures me in mid-January. Just hanging out in the Pleasure Garden works.
  13. The Perth Writers’ Festival in February promises much. I already have a ticket to hear three of my favourite authors in conversation. Imagine Charlotte Wood, Melissa Lucashenko and Josephine Wilson talking together!*
  14. Try a yoga class or two to improve my flexibility and strength.
  15. Swim. This is a big one, especially as I’ve been out of the pool for six weeks after I sliced a divot from my shin in November, and have needed regular dressings and antibiotics. Not swimming feels like an enormous deprivation. Last year I bragged how far I’d swim. This year, well, not so much. Just swimming for the joy of it.
  16. Read lots of books I love.
  17. Spend time with family and friends.
  18. Crochet a shawl in a beautiful colour.
  19. Visit art exhibitions. My friend Mia Laing has whetted my appetite for doing more of this. You might like to check out her website at My Mia’s Art – Life at the end of a paintbrush.
  20. Surprise myself by doing three things, preferably new, that I haven’t thought of yet.


* Here are the links to my reviews of books by these amazing writers.

Melissa Lucashenko’s Too Much Lip.

Josephine Wilson’s Extinctions

Charlotte Wood’s The Weekend

Writing this list of twenty fun activities for next year has been fun. You could make one similar, and surprise yourself. Let’s know what you think of the idea or what you come up with. Post your own blog, or put your ideas in the comments.

9 replies on “Twenty fun activities for 2020 – a plan”

  1. Lovely Maureen and I do hope that John is on the mend now. Looking forward to catching up with you in 202 and helping you to tick off one of those on your list. I have one in m ind right now 🙂 and will be in touch. X T

    1. Thanks, Tricia. Yes, John is better now, thank you. I do wish I’d put ‘painting an incredible design with Arty Brellas’ on my list. Can’t wait to join you and the others for our fabulous date on 8th February.

  2. Happy New Year Maureen!
    Your ideas are always so good – I feel like I need to copy and paste your list. Just reading it I think ‘When did I last eat near the water?’ and ‘Why haven’t I been to an art exhibition, ever?!’
    May 2020 bring you all the delights on your list and more. x

    1. Thanks, Fiona. It felt easy to brainstorm my list this year. Some are things I have done in the past, some new. Some also are delights that I’ve let go. I hope you soon go to an art exhibition and eat near water!

  3. I love that you continue to challenge yourself and look for joy in the everyday Maureen. Life isn’t always about the big things; it can be a collection of bite sized somethings that just make you happy. 🙂

    1. Hi, Rachel, thank you for your comment and kind remarks. At any age, I guess we need to be finding and celebrating the things, however small, that make us happy.

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