Twenty-five books to read this year

How to choose twenty-five books
How to choose twenty-five books

Reading twenty-five books in a year is not too hard when you’ve been an avid reader for over seventy years. Some of the time though the choice can be overwhelming.

I tend to read from the same lists of publishers recommendations and follow the literary reviews. I follow the reviews that are published by the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

This year just for the fun of it, I plan to be more creative about how I choose what to read. I got the idea for this this list from a post of Erin Burns which you can access here.

This is my list of twenty-five books to read this year

  1. A book about France
  2. A book my daughter recommends
  3. A book club choice – well, actually, there’ll be a lot of those
  4. A book from the Scarborough library (my local library)
  5. One of the classics I already own
  6. A book of poetry
  7. A book from the Miles Franklin Literary Award 2015 shortlist
  8. A book about Australian history
  9. A novel with a medieval theme
  10. A book set in the Australian outback
  11. A book written in 1995
  12. A book from the Stella Prize 2015 short list
  13. A book of young adult fiction
  14. A book of ‘chick-lit’
  15. A book with a blue cover with a windmill
  16. A book ‘For Dummies’ about I subject I know nothing about
  17. A book of exotic recipes – and I’ll make three of the recipes
  18. A book about spirituality
  19. A book with pictures
  20. A book of speculative fiction
  21. A book by an author I listen to at the Perth Writers Festival in February 2015
  22. A book by a male writer
  23. A book by an Aboriginal woman
  24. A book from the Walkley Award for Best Non-Fiction Books 2015 shortlist
  25. A book with a flower (or flowers) on the cover.

That’s my list of twenty-five books. I’ll review some of them for the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015
Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015

I would love you to add to the list. Leave a comment with your suggestions.


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  1. Maureen
    Our next book club book is Elemental by Amanda Curtin from UWA press. I am really looking forward to it as it is highly recommended and looks really good. It is partly sent in Fremantle so would fit a ‘local” category

    1. Hi, Helen. Yes, thanks for your suggestion. Amanda Curtin’s Elemental is a good choice to fit into a local category. I read it a while ago. I loved The Sinkings, too. Amanda and I were at Peter Cowan University together a few years ago.

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