Tin Horse Highway for serious fun

Tin horses highway dancing horses

The Tin Horse Highway featured high on my list of things to do during our recent venture into the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. We left it until the last day, and went on our way home from Hyden and Wave Rock. Such a treat! If you get a chance to go that way, don’t miss it. Be prepared to laugh out loud!

What, where and why of the Tin Horse Highway

The Tin Horse Highway runs for fifteen kilometres between the town of Kulin and Jilakin Rock and the Kulin Bush Races Track, almost 300 kms south-east of Perth.

Map shows the location of the Tin Horse Highway

The Bush Races attract hundreds of people, especially to the annual carnival which is held in October.

The Highway began as a marketing ploy to attract visitors to the races. Farmers and community members created fun animals in different poses. Some are easily recognisable. Others need more thought.

John, my daughter, Anne, and I had great fun working out what to call each exhibit. Other people would no doubt have different ideas.

Locals have transformed dusty wheat, barley and hay paddocks into a dynamic and delightful outdoor art gallery.

Tin horses of all shapes and varieties appear on both sides of the road. Some stand alone. Others have been set up together in seemingly random patterns. Some, like those in the title picture for this blog, which we called ‘The Rock and Rollers’ make delightful groups.

Horses I enjoyed

With so many horses, my choices seem now to be quite random. Instead of, ‘Horses I enjoye,’ maybe I should simply say, ‘Here are a few of the hundred or so photos I took that day’.

Plowing the paddock

Making music
Making music on bagpipes

The Scooter Rider

Woman with flowers on Tin Horse Highway

Woman with flowers on Tin Horse Highway


Photographs seem obligatory. Fortunately, the Shire of Kulin recognises the need of travellers to make frequent stops along the way. Although the road is relatively narrow, there are easily accessible parking places near each sculpture.

For safety, drivers need to remember to take care when pulling over, and to put on hazard lights when stopped. Passing locals waved and some sounded their horns in greeting while we were there.

I’m grateful that I experienced this example of Australian bush humour. It sent us home in good spirits, ready for whatever comes next year.

7 replies on “Tin Horse Highway for serious fun”

  1. What a lovely and funny idea – great photos Maureen! The scooter rider is my favourite but they all sound fantastic.
    Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas xx

    1. Thanks, Fiona. Yes, the idea was a brilliant piece of marketing about fifteen years ago. They continue to update and add horses. I think there are around seventy altogether now, over the 15 kilometres.

      Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones, also.

  2. Seasons Greetings to you Helen. Your posts are really enjoyable, and I relate to your comments.
    Its been a year of health probs so any light relief has been welcome. I just love the Aussie quirky comedy ie Tin Horses!
    Enjoy and have fun always….
    Joy x

    1. What a lovely wish, to enjoy and have fun, always! I just love that. Thank you.

      The Tin Horse Highway is so Australian and so quirky and odd and fun I’m surprised it gets so little publicity.

      Have a peaceful, joy-filled Christmas.

  3. i thought i had already sent a reply – anyway … love the photos, i had never heard of this before. am so happy ou enjoyed your adventure – looking forward to hearing more. Take care .. xx

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. Thank you for your comments. We did enjoy our adventure, and the Tin Horse Highway was high on my list of favourites, equal with a very exciting boat trip to Woody Island, off Esperance. xx

  4. HI Maureen and what a delightful time you had and the photos are brilliant. Love the horse on the bike. Many thanks for your wonderful posts and articles. Your blogs are always so interesting and I was chaffing at the bit to read this one. Now I am passed the post, I just want to say special ‘thank you’ for keeping us informed over the year, for your very interesting posts and entertaining too.

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