The Royal Show and all the fun of the fair

Royal Show, Perth

Perth Royal Show has been held at the Claremont Showgrounds for as long as I can remember. It’s seven kilometres from the centre of Perth, a few kilometres, and three train stops, from our apartment. It’s not the sort of place I think about often.

But memories of my last trip to the Royal Show surfaced today on the birthday of my daughter Anne. She and I often went places together, including football games at the Perth Stadium and on holidays. A few years ago we went by train to the Show, just for the fun of it. I hadn’t been for many years, and then always with my children or grandchildren. Anne and I had a lovely, adult day.

I thought about that outing. Then, synchronicity being what it is, and doing what it does, my friends Sue W and  GC chose ‘Fairgrounds’ as the topic of their word challenge for the week. You can read their blog by clicking on their names.

Our day at the Royal Show

The Royal Show combines a serious agricultural aspect and all the fun of a fairground. Anne and I opted to spend our time in the more domestic area of the show. We decided against agricultural displays with the best animals from Western Australia on show. Farm machinery held no intrinsic interest. Sideshow alley we deemed too noisy and not our sort of place.

The handsome caged rooster in the banner of this blog and a brood of rather tormented-looking ducklings were as close to agriculture as we got. That’s if you don’t count the display of children’s paintings we noticed on our way through a pavilion, and some delicious scarecrows hiding in a flower show.

Royal Show - Ducklings
Royal show children's art
Children’s art at the Royal show

We spent an inordinate amount of time looking at a large display of women’s clothes. They’d been specially curated for this and other shows. And the flowers and cakes always attract me.

One of the floral displays

Highlights of my day

Apart from being with Anne, who made the day so special, there were two other highlights. The first included running into my friend, Tricia Steadman. She was wearing one of her special hats, as the Umbrella Lady (Arty Brellas) and had a tent where she delighted children of all ages.

Tricia Stedman and me
Tricia Stedman (Arty Brellas) and me

The other special part of the day for me included sitting in the spring sunshine, eating lunch from a paper bag, and watching the sheep-dog trials. But, sadly, I became so engrossed I forgot the photos!

I’m grateful for the memories of my beautiful daughter, although I miss her every day.

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  1. W can be blessed when we have delightful memories – although i have to say, we can experience the same blessings when the memories bring tears. I give thanks each day for memories – both ends of the spectrum – delightful and tearful. I know you, my very special friend, Maureen experience the same – yes, a lovely day at the Perth Show has special memories – may you hold on them forever – what forever is for you. Thank you, yet again, for sharing with us dear Maureen.

    1. I agree about happy and sad memories are always blessings when they include those who are no longer in our lives, Elizabeth. I was very blessed to have Anne, and she helped me create memories that no one else could share. Mx

    1. Hi, Gerry. Thank you for your comment, and especially for the word prompt which came at just the right time for me.

  2. Maureen,
    I’m so glad you have memories of Anne that are extra special because it was just you and her. I’m also very glad that Gerry chose to publish the challenge on Anne’s birthday.

    Time moves along so quickly, but I still think of the sad loss of Anne. xx

    1. Yes, I’m blessed to have many memories of the times we spent together or talking on the phone. Some of my sad times occur when I’m walking and think of something I want to share with her, and then remember I can’t call her on my mobile and talk with her.

      As I said in the article, Gerry’s prompt felt like pure synchronicity, and I also am very glad he chose to publish the challenge on 11 August. Thank you for your generous kindness.

    1. Thank you, Fiona. The memory is a happy one, and I’m grateful that I’m beginning to access happy memories in spite of the sadness I feel about her loss.

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