The mystery of 2023 and ways to welcome it


The mystery of 2023 hangs around, outside our knowledge. We can imagine, guess, hope, perhaps even dread what’s to come next. One thing we know: life is uncertain.

In the past, I’ve made hopeful predictions about what a new year will bring, and how I’ll face and shape it. I recognise that often I’ve been bold and brash with my plans. Sometimes, years have been full of life and spirit and I’ve accomplished much of what I wanted. Other years, not so much.

Then COVID happened. To plan seemed futile. Survival became important.

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This year, perhaps because age is trying to catch up with me, or maybe because of a brush with concussion, I’m less inclined to demand too much of the next twelve months. Years of the pandemic have taught me a thing or two, and so have my changing circumstances.

The mystery of 2023 will unfold

To wait patiently for the mystery of 2023 to unfold seems more realistic this year. Being prepared, like those wise virgins in the parable in the New Testament, seems a good plan. The wise virgins had their lamps burning, ready to light the way when the master came. They also had a supply of oil so their lamps didn’t run out.

Their foolish counterparts realised how poorly they were organised. They tried to borrow oil from their sisters, who refused to share. That seems mean. But there was not enough to go around. If the wise ones shared, no one would have enough to keep their lamps burning.

My plan for 2023 includes being prepared for uncertain times. To be patient, to demand less of myself and others. To watch and respond rather than to be surprised and reactive. I may not succeed, but I will have more fun.

Greeting 2023

While no one knows what 2023 will bring, I’m happy that I can choose to wait actively rather than passively. Planning, and being prepared to change plans, seems a good tactic for uncertain times. Having things I want to do means being prepared with plenty of oil to keep my lamp burning brightly.

Twenty three things to do in 2023

So, here’s my list of some things I plan to do in 2023, not necessarily in any order.

  • BREATH deeply and often
  • CARE for my husband, who is unwell
  • CONNECT often with family and friends
  • PLAY with my great-grandchildren whenever the opportunity arises
  • WRITE five things I’m grateful for every night (gratitude journal)
  • COMPLETE the short story course I started with the Australian Writers Centre
  • WRITE twelve awesome short story beginnings
  • WRITE twelve short stories
  • WRITE and post fifty-two blogs
  • ENTER at least two writing competitions
  • SUPPORT the Yes vote for Indigenous Voices to Parliament referendum
  • HOLIDAY away from home
  • WALK down the aisle with one of my granddaughters like the proud woman I am
  • SWIM one-hundred-and-thirty kilometres
  • JOURNAL (write ‘morning pages‘) first thing every day
  • ENJOY fifty-two Artists Dates
  • ORGANISE my domestic affairs better – e.g. put dates for window-cleaning, carpet-cleaning, major bills etc in my diary
  • FORGIVE as much as I can
  • REMEMBER I can choose with whom I mix
  • RE-DECORATE our living room so it looks fresher
  • HAVE A MASSAGE once a month
  • SEW KNIT CRAFT three objects

That’s a formidible list. Enough to keep me busy om 2023.

Lists of things to do from other years

Here are a few of the blogs I’ve written at the beginning of other years

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Happy New Year 2023

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  1. Love your list Maureen – sets a great challenge for me to do something similar. Am sure I shall remain on your list of people you shall mix with. Again, look forward to your 2023 blogs. Thank you, thank you.

    1. You know I have an affinity with lists, Elizabeth B! Absolutely right I’ll see you, and more often than last year, I hope. Thank you for all your blogging and other encouragement. I really appreciate it. Hope your year sorts itself out soon! xx

    1. Hi, Rachel. It’s nowhere as long as your list, with all the wonderful things you and Richard have planned for this year. I hope 2023 is a really good one for both of you. xx

  2. I love your list! I will try to make a list next year. Good luck with your list and hope your husband’s health improves soon.

    1. Thank you Melanie. I’m glad you like my list, and hope you enjoy making one. I find it helps keep me on track for the next twelve months. Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful thoughts & aims, particularly in no specific order. I love that your gratitude shines through all of them.
    Happy, joyfilled days through 2023
    . Maureen F. ❤

    1. Hi, Maureen, Thank you for your very complimentary comment about my blog. And thank you for your kind wishes for the year.
      I wish you and yours a very happy and peaceful New Year. M

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