Ten-year guarantees saga and reservations

Ten-year guarantees saga and reservations

Ten-year guarantees no longer interest me. Or at least nowhere as much as they once might have. My interests are different now. But twice in the past few days, goods have been offered with a TYG. That got me thinking about life as an octogentarian.

In ten years, I may no longer be interested in claiming new-for-old. It’s daunting to think that something with a guarantee that long may outlast me. I feel as if I need to proclaim my intention of living to 100, although I don’t care about a letter from King Charles III. That prospect isn’t highly motivating.

We bought a new kitchen tap to replace the one which leaks. The handyman said he could replace it easily. With a trusty Bunnings hardware store an easy walk from home, it made sense to shop there.

Buying taps takes much concentration, especially from that store.

We perused the display and chose a tap similar to that being replaced. We searched diligently in the shelves underneath the display board and even in the cupboard behind it and rejoiced when we found a box with an appropriate label. The tap came with a ten-year guarantee. We laughed at that and wondered how reliable such ten-year guarantees can be.

However, when we got home, the tap in the box was nothing like the one we’d chosen. Black, not chrome, it looked industrial and not at all like something we’d choose for our light, bright and beautiful apartment.

Another trip to the store. It seemed the label on the display was wrong (and, so I discovered, was the price). A woman in an ubiquitous red Bunnings T-shirt told us that the tap we wanted and two others like it were not in stock. The ten-year guarantee seemed a rather empty promise.

Another ten-year guarantee

The next ten-year guarantee frightens me even more. It’s a follow up to the broken tooth-crown story I wrote about in the blog, ‘Domestic drama for old folk’ and mentioned here and here, for good measure. Obviously, I find my claim to this essentially minor health problem endlessly fascinating. Sorry!

A dental surgeon will remove the remnant tooth-root under a general anaesthetic  later this month. Meanwhile, anxious about my appearance, I consulted with my lovely dentist about a plan to replace the tooth.

She offered several options and her recommendation, which included an eventual state-of-the-art dental plate, which, she said comes with a ten-year guarantee.

It should see you out,’ she said.


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  1. Ouch indeed..not a good remark to make to any senior citizen. I’m sure that the result will be lovely though.Also our experience in choosing goods from hardware stores is to now open boxes as people often take things out. So frustrating for you both.

    1. Thanks for your confidence, Maureen. Any tooth that will fill the gap you saw at the shopping centre will be an improvement, I hope. It doesn’t usually occur to me to open boxes in hardware stores, but I’ll be much more careful in future. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Some people can be tactless, I encountered something similar with the pneumonia vaccine. The nurse told me (five years ago) that it would last a lifetime; I told her that was impressive, to which she replied, ‘well, ten years anyway.’ I replied ‘Oh, you’re just talking about my lifetime!’

    The eye doctor was discussing treatments that are available for eye problems, should they be needed, then he finished with, but we’d also need to consider life expectancy!
    Was that last remark really necessary?

    1. Oh, how dreadful. You are so many years younger than me, Sue, that I wonder what they’d say to me? And since when has perceived life expectancy been a criteria for what sounds like non-heroic medical treatment to ensure normal function and comfort.

  3. Ouch indeed! Whatever a state-of-the-art dental plate is, so far I’ve avoided it. Yes, I’ll take a 10-year guarantee on my life, with an option for an extension of at least 5 years, which will take me to 97!

    1. Deat Christina, How good would a guarantee be on our lives! I’ll take that, and the extension you suggest. That will get me to almost 100. I’m not sure about a state-of-the-art dental plate, either. But I’m sure I’ll prefer it to any lesser model. Hope you are warm, dry, safe. xx

  4. No sure if I want a ten-year-guarantee on life? What would i need to be guaranteed about? don’t know. the only guarantee I do know is that I shall always be your friend no matter how many years – bring them on!!

    1. I think another ten years would give me time to catch up with all the things I still want to do, Elizabeth. Glad you are my friend, too. Thank you.

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