Teddy bears, rainbows, rabbits bring smiles at Easter

Photo of teddy bears and rainbows

Teddy bears, rainbows, rabbits and assorted other animals and art brought a smile to my face (and my eyes, which was nice) over the past few days. Easter joy has spread through the suburbs near where I live.

Children and parents obeyed the rules and stayed home to prevent contagion. In a show of solidarity with each other and the community they displayed their treasures as COVID-19 bites.

The road above along the side of Lake Monger is usually bumper to bumper with traffic. These days, the area is almost deserted.

My daily walks which led me up and down suburban streets have turned into treasure hunts. Animals perch on fences and walls, peek from windows, rest on verandas and swing from trees. There is even a tiger on a tin roof.

Rainbows drawn on footpaths and walls add extra pizzazz. Some exhibits have both animals and rainbows.

Brightly coloured toys catch my eye. But older, grubby, much-loved toys tear at my heart. I can’t decide which appeal more. I imagine children and parents attaching these treasures to their perches. An activity to do over Easter with children isolated from others. An Easter like no other we have known.

‘How brave, how generous,’ I think. Children and their parents can be both. both.

Teddy bears and rainbows everywhere

I couldn’t resist taking photos. Here is very small selection of those I saw.

Four assorted toys of different ages, bound tightly together, must be some kind of metaphor for families in self-isolation.

Just hanging about on a wall on the ground floor of a high-rise, looking, well, very purple.

Not exactly teddy bears, but quite within the spirit of the joyful sharing for these interesting times.

Make-believe cat on a hot tin roof, maybe?

This poor fellow has missed all the fun. The family has obviously followed the sign and gone to enjoy the campsite and hotel (in the sign).

On a low wall at the edge of a patch of grass, a rainbow signed by ‘Vivienne’. I hope she had fun making this.

Like most grandparents and great-grandparents, I miss the little children from my life. There were floods of tears when I saw the Easter photos from Houston, Texas, of three of my seven great-grandchildren.

More tears when I heard my granddaughter’s third child, baby Theodore Edward, had been born last Tuesday. No visitors, of course.

Enjoying the fun of other people’s children must substitute for now. I’m grateful for the opportunity to walk and enjoy the autumn sunshine after the ridiculous forty-degree-Celsius heat we experienced in Perth on Easter Sunday.

This post is in response to a Weekend Challenge from my friend SueW in Yorkshire and her partner GC. Sue’s site is Nan’s Farm Inside Out. GC writes at The Main Aisle. Check them out!

9 replies on “Teddy bears, rainbows, rabbits bring smiles at Easter”

  1. HI Maureen
    Phew back at last and enjoyed reading your post. Many thanks for that Maureen, it’s lovely to be reading your post again. I agree there are some many beautifully decorated patches around the streets and I have enjoyed seeing the array too. I have also enjoyed seeing nature along the walking trails, whether the walk is in new, built up area around China Green, or the Mabel Talbot Park area. They all have nature displayed for us one way or another. I am looking forward to your next post (working backwards though) and might slip another in this evening…
    Happy Wednesday Walking Maureen
    Tricia 🙂

    1. Hi, Tricia. Glad you liked my post about my walks at Easter. We are so lucky to live in this area because of the beautiful walks, parks and trails. Even walking along the path next to the railway between Roberts Road and the Daglish station is a delight. One of my favourite walks at the moment is down through the ‘party park’ Mere View Park I think its proper name is, right down to the Australian Institute of Management.The birdsong is amazing. Maybe one day we’ll see each other out and about. That would be lovely.

      I would love to see your garden with the decorations. But I haven’t driven anywhere for five weeks, and feel I should be a good example.

  2. Such a beautiful blog Maureen H. I wept too when I imagined all of those precious times with little ones that we miss .How wonderful that we can enjoy the children of the neighbours tho’ to encourage them during this strange time.⚘

    1. Thank you, Maureen. Thank you for your understanding of my sadness, that you obviously share and also your understanding of my need to be around the work of the children and parents. And my enjoyment. Stay safe. Be peaceful and patient.

  3. Hi Maureen

    Like you I am enjoying the colour and community spirit when I go walking. When the ‘going on a bear hunt’ project first started I placed a teddy in my window. I am now yarn bombing my tree out the front with crocheted hearts and rainbows. I show them to my grandchildren via FaceTime.

    Stay safe


    1. Moira, what a lovely addition to the colour on the streets. I’ve only seen one yarnbombed tree in the last few weeks. Are there others in your area? I also have a bear on display but for myself, because we are in a third storey apartment.

  4. My apologies, Maureen. I’ve only just spotted this. I’m uncertain why I didn’t see a notification or even how I missed it on the Reader!

    Your walk sounds lovely, oh, and I just love the idea of all those toy animals on display.

    Thank you so much, Maureen

    1. Hi, Sue. As always it’s lovely to hear from you. My walks are always enjoyable, although I imagine very different from yours, which sound peaceful and pastoral. I’m still so happy I live in exactly this location, four kilometres from the GPO of the capital city of the state of Western Australia, but with so much variety, many parks and lakes and peaceful suburban streets. Blessed!

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