Walking meditation in a labyrinth

Walking meditation can be done anywhere, but walking a labyrinth adds a special dimension to this ancient practice. An award-winning novel, The Labyrinth, (2020) by Australian author, Amanda Lohrey, provoked me to find out out more. In the book, a middle-aged woman with seemingly insurmountable problems and deep grief decides to build her own labyrinth …

Pandemic – a meditation for challenging times

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 threw our lives as we knew them into sudden chaos. Like most people, I’m confused. I don’t know what will come next, or what my responses should or will be. You can find another blog about COVID-19 here.

A Different Shade of Seeing by Elizabeth Brennan

A Different Shade of Seeing, a memoir by my friend, Elizabeth Brennan, delighted me. As Shane McCauley says: ‘We are privileged guests of the author as she shares her thoughts, observations and aspirations. History and folklore are discovered and retold through many incredible anecdotes.’

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