Subiaco Common, the closest park to our apartment block, starts just 400 steps from the front door. Although there are lots of lovely places to walk around our home, this is the place I go most often. It makes my heart sing with its beauty.

Photo of avenue of oak trees in Subiaco Common

When my friend, SueW from Yorkshire in the UK put out a blogging challenge to write about parks in the Weekly Prompts she and her partner, CG, organise I felt compelled to respond. You might enjoy Sue’s entertaining blog at Nan’s Farm Inside Out.

Features of Subiaco Common

The park is surrounded by houses and apartment blocks, but manages to maintain its peaceful ambience. There are ample lawn areas, an avenue of oaks on the western end a playground that encourages free inventive play.

Playground equipment in Subiaco Common parkland
Unconventional play equipment on Subiaco Common.
Pipe painted red inside on Subiaco Common
Painted pipe where children can play

Water runs, creek-like, through some parts, with ferns and stepping stones which delight the children. Little bridges invite us to play Pooh Sticks.

Stepping stones in creek with ferns
Waterways with stepping stones

Mere Lake in the centre reflects trees and nearby houses. It attracts water-birds including ducks and black swans.

Reflections in lake in Autumn
Lake and reflections in autumn

In summer trees provide plenty of shade. In winter, the sun shines through deciduous trees and people sun themselves on the park benches. One day I hope I will attain my goal of spending more time sitting, not walking, on the Subiaco Common, perhaps with a book or some writing. Maybe I’ll sit, soak up sunshine and contemplate the beauty.

I knew about this lovely place before we moved to Subiaco because one of my daughters and her family live nearby, and we’d spent hours with her grandchildren (my great-grandchildren) playing on the equipment tucked into one corner. I’d walked her little dog along the paths a few times when the family had been away.

We’d also enjoyed picnics there for birthdays and for no reason, but simply because we could. Subiaco Common is that sort of park. Other people also vie for a table or spread their blankets on the grass picnic. Our family calls it ‘the picnic park’.

More about the park

The City of Subiaco, responsible for the design and maintenance of the Subiaco Common and many other parks in its area, takes pride in its achievements. Rightly so.

Most areas are accessible for people with prams and those in wheelchairs.


Mere Park Way, Subiaco Central

You can read about some of my thoughts about the much larger Kings Park, two kilometres from home, where I also walk regularly.

13 replies on “Subiaco Common and Mere Lake”

    1. It is a very pretty park, Miriam, and it changes season-by-season as well as hour by-hour.

  1. What a lovely park Maureen and how unusual the waterway with stepping stones is.
    It sounds like you’ve enjoyed some good times here. I quite like picnics in the park too. I’m so glad you joined in this challenge and I thank you.oh, and thank you for being kind about my Nan’s farm

    1. Yes, the whole park has unusual features that I enjoy. It was fun to join in the challenge, but my times are different and I often see posts later than everyone else so feel reluctant to join in. My pleasure to comment on Nan’s Farm and to link. I love reading your blog, and hope others will too.

      1. Annoyingly, despite this being a shared site, if Gerry has set the challenge WP doesn’t notify me of new pingbacks and vice versa. For consistency I publish both his and my prompts and check replies daily and I usually go back two or three weeks. Don’t worry about not taking part the moment they’re published, I treat them as ongoing. Thank you again for kind comments.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Fun to write about local places with fresh eyes. Look forward to your local tourist posts.

    1. Thanks, Gerry. It was good to be part of the challenge. I hope to be on your pages more often soon..

  2. You’re so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful park! I love how it’s a bit different – unusual play equipment, stepping stones etc.
    Thanks for the tour 🙂

    1. Hi, Fiona. Thanks for the comment. Yes, we are so very lucky to live here, as I seem to have said so many times. The Common makes up for some of the things I miss about not having a proper garden. The birdlife is amazing, and the council does a good job.

  3. Great Blog Post Maureen with lovely photos. It is a gorgeous park. When I put my website up I will be including a video of the Brellas and some kids from when I ran a workshop there. I did the workshop especially for the photo shoot. It is quite cute and fun and just he best park for some lovely photos. The only trouble with that park is the lack of toilets. I understand why that is (so all and sundry don’t hang out there in the quite residential locale – which is fair enough) but it’s a bit hard to cope with after being there for about 5 hours filming. The dilemma was exacerbated when my 3 photographing friends and I shared a celebratory bottle of bubbly at the end of the shoot. It must have been a funny sight. We packed up the paint and Brellas so quickly, with legs half crossed and half bent over trying to stave off the worst case scenario, so we could race home for a pee. It was so funny and the more we laughed about it, the more urgent and desperate was our plight. The good news was that I made it home, in the nick of time I can tell you 🙂 But your Blog is lovely and the photos just so tranquil, which is how that park mostly is. You are fortunate living so very close. Thanks for the Post Maureen, you brought back some great memories

    1. What a funny story, Tricia! I can imagine how horrible it was, not being able to go! I hadn’t thought about it being a problem because I live so close, but I do remember being at my daughter’s house, just around the corner from Mere Way one night. She opened the door and in trouped about fifteen adolescent boys and girls who’d been having a picnic for dinner with my granddaughter. The urge must have struck them all at the same time, because both toilets were occupied for quite a while. My daughter said it happens often when the kids (now all year 12) have a picnic in the party park

      I can’t wait to see your new website. I think the pictures will be amazing because as we both know the Subiaco Common is very lovely and your umbrellas are so spectacular. Good decision to have Kirsty Morton do your website. She does such a good job. This story would make a good blog post if you were brave enough to go public!

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