Spring blossom excels at Dwellingup

Spring blossom, Dwellingup

Spring blossom was the pick-me-up I needed. A broken tooth-crown and consequent gappy grin (still under repair). Falling on a busy street. A head wound and concussion. They’d taken their toll and left me grumpy and out-of-sorts.

A drive on Sunday morning to Dwellingup, about 100 kilometres from Perth, and I found myself in what felt like heaven. You can read more about the little town in my blog, ‘Dwellingup, an old timber town with new life’.

For many reasons, or perhaps no reason at all, I hadn’t driven that far for a couple of years. Not so long ago, driving to Kalgoorlie (600 kms) and Albany (400 kms) felt exhilarating. I like to drive, but my confidence needed a boost. John chose not to come, so I drove by myself, and of course it was easy.

My daughter and her husband have a house in Dwellingup where I always feel welcome. They spend hours in their lovely, somewhat eclectic garden. Their stated aim is to have something flowering for the birds every month of the year.

They’ve achieved that, and much more. But Spring at their haven in the country has it’s own special charm.

Spring blossom in the garden

Here are some of the photos from different aspects of the beautiful, exuberant Spring garden. Everywhere I looked, trees, shrubs and groundcover had burst into life. More plants bore buds, ready to show of their own beauty in the next few weeks.

More spring blossom
Flowers in Dwellingup
floral tribute

My favourite this visit

This amazing flowering peach tree and its nearby twin grow as tall as the house. Covered in blossom, they provide a haven for birds which dart among the flowers. As well as that, the garden reverberates with soft humming from the bees which find the trees irresistable. There’s a close up of one tiny twig as the cover for this blog.

Flowering peach

Maisie, the little dog in the foreground, greets me (and I suspect most visitors) with unbridled enthusiasm whenever I visit. She is anything but one of the pernickity pets of the Wednesday challenge of my friends, SueW in Yorkshire and GC in Canada. They blog at Nan’s Farm and The Main Aisle. You might like to check out their entertaining posts.

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  1. Spring blossoms can be a beautiful corridor through which we pass into moments of bliss and cure. How wonderful to have that opportunity to drive to heaven. Thank you, again and again for sharing dear friend.

    1. Dear Elizabeth, thank you for ‘getting’ my post. It was a lovely day and I felt exhiliarated by the journey. Mx

    1. Thank you, Maureen. It is a beautiful place, and I am very blessed that Simon and Jenny (and the rest of my family) look after me with care and love.

  2. I remember reading about the last visit.
    You’re not the only one to lose a little confidence when we haven’t done certain things for a while. It happens to me too and I agree with you we need to continue with our independence otherwise we no longer are. Thank you for linking this to our challenge, Maureen. I hope all is well.

    1. I nearly missed this, Sue, because somehow it ended up in the trash.

      My lack of confidence about driving really surprised me when I recognised it and it felt so good to be able to drive and enjoy the process. I’m starting to think I should do regular checks on all my activities so I don’t inadvertently let any of them go for good. Another of the tasks of old age. My head wound has healed and my concussion is cured. All is well, thank you.

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