Social media review. Free. What an interesting offer from Amanda Kendle on Facebook

Social media review -
Social media review –

Audits and reviews are essentials component of quality improvement. I worked a quality assurance officer in a major teaching hospital in the early 1980s. Then the concept of QA seemed like a new-fangled buzz-word. Now it’s so mainstream we hardly think about it. Creative, like business enterprises, benefit from assessment and action.

Digital natives are those born into the world where digital technology exists. It isn’t that they embrace it. More likely, they absorb it. Thanks to author Susan Maushart, I think of myself as a digital immigrant. I’ve owned and used a computer since 1985. But I have not fully embraced the technology. Rather, I live on the outskirts of the digital world. I skulk in the shadows. Trying, trying. Not able to catch up.

am proud that I’ve set up my social media platforms  myself. But they have grown haphazardly. They’re in need of an overhaul. Of some unifying thinking.

Amanda Kendle consults on all matters blogging and social media. She also facilitates workshops in Perth Western Australia. I know her from a workshop.You can check out my thoughts at the time here. I follow Amanda on Facebook. I read her blogs.

I knew her offer was both genuine and generous. On Facebook she offered one lucky person a free social media review each day during January 2016.

A social media review would be a bonus. In spite of my trying hard, my social media presence is both minor and patchy. It never quite works the way I hope it will. Applying for a social media review felt a bit cheeky.

My new book, Elopement: a Memoir is ready to launch into the world. That’s another story. But this would be a great time to have a health check of my social media platforms. My Facebook Writer Page. A website and blog. Pinterest. Linkedin. And a Twitter account, which I don’t quite get.

You can imagine my delight (and trepidation) when Amanda accepted my application for a review.  I submitted information  about my accounts on a form. The same day, she offered me a choice of dates. I chose January 7. When I opened my computer at 7.00 a.m. my social media review was waiting.

Amanda Kendle
Amanda Kendle

Amanda had analysed each account carefully. She identified strengths. What a surprise to learn she thought I do some things well! And weaknesses which I knew about. Best of all, she provided sound recommendations for each area.

Finally, the social media review concluded with three key actions. Everything Amanda said makes good sense. It all seems do-able. Even my social media skills can mostly cope. Already I’ve completed a few items.

I’m looking forward to working on the recommendations. Some involve the quality of my images. Already I’ve spent an afternoon looking at Canva. Canva describes itself as án amazingly simple graphic design program’. We’ll see. My first serious attempt at design appears on this page. Experimenting will be fun. It’s all part of life-long learning.

I expect playing with my social media platforms will be an ongoing project

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  1. This is where I struggle with technology all the time – it’s always moving forward, and I am always way behind! It’s not like a traditional subject, when you’re happy having learnt a certain amount and you know it’s not going to alter drastically. I just feel I’m never quite going to get there – all because I’m about 10 years too old to have used it all the time in school! But there is hope – they’re offering one-to-one free lessons in our town as part of the Adult Education programme, and I will be taking them up on as many lessons as I can! And best of luck with the book, Maureen!

    1. Hi, Linda, and thanks for your comment. It amazes me how digital technology moves so fast. I wonder how many people really do keep up with it. I figure as long as I can muddle along, and ask other people for help, it will be OK. Thank goodness I have adult grandchildren who are patient with me. And a group of teenagers who laugh at me. And a four-year old great-granddaughter who knows more than I do about some things. I also pay for some help. Good luck with your free lessons – the trick might be to go armed with a load of questions and get them to answer what you need to know. Thanks for your kind wishes about Elopement, too.

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