Snow dream and family bonds

snow dream on a snowmobile

Snow fascinates me but I’ve never been to a cold country in winter. I’d seen snow on mountains in autumn from a train between Spain and France, and a few small patches of melting sludge on a trip to Canberra.

But to really experience snow sat high on my bucket list for years.

I feel blessed that my family knew of my longings. My daughter and her children planned a holiday of a lifetime for me. In mid-August, sixteen of us made our way to Mt. Beauty in the Victorian Alps, near the snow fields at Falls Creek.

A year in the making, our family holiday included my daughter and son-in-law; five adult grandchildren; two spouses; three children old enough to ski; and two one-year-olds. Two houses. We had two cars and an eleven-seater-bus that worked overtime ferrying the able-bodied and enthusiastic skiers among us to and from the snow.

No words for snow

My first experience of snow left me wordless. That’s an odd state for a writer who has always thought of herself as articulate. It was exactly as I had imagined it. But, also, nothing like I expected. It felt both strange and familiar, as if I was where I was meant to be.

I felt awe, experienced goosebumps at the beauty of the snow and the alps. The wonder of the forest on the long, steep climb through the mountains to the top surprised me.

Maybe, one day, I’ll finish processing what I saw and felt. Then, maybe, words will come easily. Or, more likely my experience of snow will be filtered through my subconscious mind, and integrated.

Snow mobile

One of my granddaughters had organised a snow mobile trek for my first morning in the snow. I’d anticipated the experience with fear, if not dread. But also with a sense of delicious anticipation.

Clad in my warmest clothes, a beanie, borrowed gloves and ski pants, I took my place astride the lead vehicle, behind the instructor, Doug. He’d been warned about my age and inexperience. Wonderfully kind, he and his wife, Noreen (also an instructor) treated me like royalty.

For two hours, we rode in convoy, my family and other couples behind us. Doug explained how I should relax into the turns behind him and how the machine would work. He and Noreen had gone over the route earlier in the morning, to check that everything was in order. Now we and the others followed the tracks they’d made earlier.

We stopped at vantage points to admire magic views. We took photos. The children made snowballs to throw at each other. They made one for me, and I delighted in throwing it. Someone also threw a snowball, ever so gently, at me.

The next chapter

I’ve realised my dream of snow and basked in the love of my family on a memorable holiday. Now I’m home with a brand new adventure ahead of me. Here begins the next chapter in my life.

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  1. What an absolutely lovely post. I am delighted you have finally experienced snow. Good isn’t it? 🙂

    I’m also pleased to find that you are well, your absence of late was noted. By coincidence, I sent you an email yesterday to enquire after you.

    PS. I’m unsure why I still need to fill in my name, website and email again, having already done this before, and there’s no sign of a WordPress option.

    1. Hello, SueW Thank you for your comment and for the email which I will respond to. Thank you, also for noticing my long absence from this space. It is a long and tedious story, and so frustrating. I’m still struggling with many things with my new hosting service and the new site that was at least five times harder to set up than my first. Then, nine years ago, I used a ‘Wordpres for Dummies” book, and followed every instruction. It worked like a dream. Now it has changed. There seems to be a charge for everything. Please continue to follow my posts. I hope, one day, to look back and laugh at the nonsense. Even my please sign up form doesn’t work well, but now you are getting emails please ignore it. Mx

  2. Good for you! I love snow-but have only an occasional snow experience. Your family was so sweet to make a dream come true for you- You are so loved-and I am sure, with good reason. x Michele

  3. What a wonderful experience! I am moved to tears as I sense your awe and joy. So very glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.

    1. Thank you SusanD. Our family holiday was truly amazing, and not just because of the snow but because of all the other wonderful family things and places we visited.

  4. Oh how wonderful to have had such an adventure with your family.The first time that our children experienced snow in England daughter said” Oh it’s wet” I love the smell & silence of a snowfall. Happy that you are OK…you have been missed.🤗

    1. Thank you, Maureen. I’m glad to be back blogging and able to share my adventures after a few months of disasters with my website, and a couple of mishaps in life.

    1. Yes, such good fun for a whole week, Rachel. I sat in style behind the instructor, and he was quite worried when Claire and Jane fell over in the snow. They weren’t hurt, and laughed about their adventure later. Mx

  5. Yes, dear Maureen, a truly wonderful experience – something you also truly earned – an amazing mother, grandmother and great grandmother . Am so happy for you.

  6. You were amazing Mum – so adventurous, energetic, enthusiastic, excited, engaged – and above all your enjoyment enriched our experience of an excellent family holiday❤️

    1. The most amazing holiday as well as a rich and beautiful experience with you, dear Simon, your five adult children, their spouses and five grandchildren – my great grandies! Who else but you would inspire such a fabulous family trip to the snow. I loved every minute. Thank you again. Mx

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