The Sing for Health Concert last Friday was the culmination of Sing for Health Week in Perth, Western Australia. It was also the culmination of months of hard work and perseverance. Congratulations to everyone involved!

And it was superb! The audience thought so too. There was a standing ovation at the end.

From the Sing for Health Concert program
From the Sing for Health Concert program

According to Anne White, patron of the Spirit of the Street Choir,

Research and numerous studies tell us that singing is good for your health. It exercises your heart and lungs, it releases endorphins that make you feel good and connected.

It certainly seemed so on Friday night. There were eight choirs. Over two hundred singers. Bernard Carney, musical director of the Spirit of the Streets Choir, with his guitar and energy. Master of ceremonies Peter Holland. An army of volunteers. An enthusiastic audience, clapping in appreciation. Clapping in time to the singing.

Bernard Carney
Bernard Carney

There were misty eyes as the lights went up at interval. Strangers smiling at each other in the foyer. People talking to strangers. Bonding.  And the audience hadn’t even sung a note at that stage!

Sing for Health and happiness (image from youtube)
Sing for Health and happiness (image from youtube)

What happened on stage, and between the singers and the audience, was magical.

The majority of singers were people whose lives have been marked by disadvantage. Some have been socially excluded. Think homelessness, hardship, mental health issues. Physical disability and poor physical health.

The special choirs invite them into a safe, non-judgemental environment. Barriers caused by disadvantage and isolation break down.

On stage, the singers sang with enthusiasm. They radiated a joy that was contagious.

Most of the choirs involved in the Sing for Health Concert are open to everyone, including members of the community, regardless of talent.

The inaugural Sing for Health Concert (and Sing for Health Week) is an initiative of the Spirit of the Streets Choir. We are looking forward to the concert next year.


Choirs involved in the Sing for Health Concert

In order of appearance the choirs were

If you would like to sing with one of these choirs, please check their website for contact details. These choirs welcome new voices. No experience is necessary. Everyone sings well when they are part of a loving, enthusiastic choir!

Sponsors of the Concert 

The following organisations provided generous sponsorship:

Act-Belong-Commit. Healthway; Lotterywest; Perth Airport: Perth City Council: The Big Picture Factory.

I’ve written about the benefits of music and singing before, and you can check out that article here.0001-157509144

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