Seize the day, grabbing opportunities

Seize the day

Seize the day might have been a good phrase for me for this year, 2023. My last post, the one about eating dessert first, had not been published when a new opportunity for fun presented itself. Talk about synchronicity!

Hard to believe now, but it took push, a few pushes really, from my daughter and several granddaughters, for me to see the good things in store for me.

Last year seemed especially difficult and left me feeling flat and miserable. I felt as if I’d been bleating about the need for a break from the humdrumness of it all. I felt envious of people I knew who were taking or planning holidays and those who’d been away last year.

Family styles

In a deep hole, I expected other people to help. A short break from my carer-role seemed a not-unreasonable request. I’d asked my husband’s family for some down time, but they have their own busy lives and always other plans.

For me, a major downside of marrying someone with adult children has been expecting that their family styles will be similar to those of my own family. As a once-upon-a-time relationship counsellor, I should know better!

My constant reaction to suggestions about what I needed (and there were many of them from different people) was a constant, ‘Yes, but…’. I didn’t need meals cooked or laundry done or sensible, practical stuff like that.

I wanted a holiday!

Opportunity knocks

Then, from left field and without warning (as so often happens) solutions appeared. in the shape of two lovely people introduced to me by my daughter. Both qualified in aged and disability care, they volunteered to care for my husband in a way that did not intrude too much on his space or life.

My husband met them before we made any decision. He liked them and agreed the arrangement we came to would suit him.

I would be free to leave home for six days for my long-awaited break.

Seize the day

This time, I had no arguments. I was delighted to seize the day as it presented to me.

One of my granddaughters booked a room in the DoubleTree, a luxurious hotel on the river that runs through Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Another volunteered to drive me to my destination.

Friends and family rallied to make sure I enjoyed my solitude. At the same time, they’ve visited, taken me out for meals and coffee, called me and generally made a fuss. I don’t have a car here, and it’s been good to be picked up and taken places.

Other times I’ve walked, caught buses and ferries and generally moved freely around the town I once knew so well. It’s been fun to travel on the different colour-coded CAT (Central Area Transit) buses to explore this beautiful city.

View from my window
Views from window
Views from my window

As I write this, I’m sitting looking out over the river, on the last day of my holiday. Refreshed, invigorated, well-fed and exercised, I feel like a new woman! There’s a photo of me on the pool deck in the signature panel at the bottom of the post.

A great big vote of thanks to everyone who has made this wonderful week possible.

Msureen Helen


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  1. Beautiful, Maureen. Just what the doctor ordered. May it happen again!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you have a plan, Joyce. What do you have in mind? I’m all for anything that makes our lives better!

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