A reading challenge I enjoy is back again this year. I’ve already signed up  to read at least ten books by Australian women. I’ll review six of them. My reviews will appear from time to time on this blog. 

Books ready for a readers challenge
Books ready for a readers challenge

Since 2012, the annual Australian Women Writers Challenge (AWWC) has encouraged people to read more books by Australian women.

Too many reviews by men of books by other men are published in the mainstream media. And in literary journals. This reading challenge promotes writing by women. It helps to redress the imbalance.

John Fleming enjoying a good book
John Fleming enjoying a good book

Possible benefits of a reading challenge

A reading challenge such as the AWW Challenge encourages more frequent reading. Here are a few of the possible benefits:

  • Mental stimulation through reading exercises the brain and keeps it active. It may also slow (or even prevent) the onset of dementia in older people.
  • A reading challenge pushes a person to read more.
  • Reduction of stress occurs through distraction and relaxation.
  • The relaxation of reading promotes calm and peacefulness.
  • Entertainment (even free entertainment if you borrow books!).
  • Reading increases knowledge which may come in handy in everyday life.
  • Memory improves as we remember plots and sub-plots; characters; facts and information.
  • Focus and concentration improve as a result of immersion in reading.
  • Stronger analytical skills can result from attending to the content of reading.
  • Improved vocabulary results from learning new words.
  • Reading provides interesting things to talk about.
  • Reading holds book clubs together!
  • Reading is an essential activity for writers.

Perhaps you’d like to join this exciting reading challenge. It is good fun and not too difficult. There are tips on the AWW website for how to write a review.  I’d love to read your reviews. You can join at different levels of commitment. Men and women are welcome to join in. You don’t have to live in Australia. .

AWW Challenge 2016 a reading challenge
AWW Challenge 2016
a reading challenge

Not interested? Tell us why in a comment on this post.

6 replies on “Reading challenge back for 2016”

  1. Well done, Maureen! I will be interested to learn about the books you will read this year – and I know I will read at least some of them – looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks, Coral. Here’s to reading many books by Australian women in the course of 2016.

    1. Thanks, Rosie. And fun writing. And fun writing reviews… Lots of things to do this year.

  2. Hope you enjoy reading Australian women writers!! Keep it up. Read, read, read.

    1. I do enjoy reading Australian women writers, Elizabeth. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes, so of course I will read, read, read!

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