The Probus Club Charter promises ‘Fun, Friendship, Fellowship and Intellectual stimulation’. The Karrinyup and North Beach Probus Club provided plenty of all four last week.

At the invitation of member Elizabeth Brennan, my long-time friend, John and I went on their annual long-day trip. This year’s destination was York, almost a hundred kilometres east of Perth, in Western Australia.


The town claims to be the first in Australia built away from the coast. Established in 1831, two years after settlement of  the state, it offers tourists an abundance of history, tourist attractions and hospitality. Add natural beauty to the mix and enjoy.

As part of their social program members of the Probus Club and their guests enjoyed morning tea by the picturesque Avon River. No one was excluded from the general conversation as we drank coffee and ate freshly made cake.

Wandering around the town, we bumped into each other in small groups, stopping to exchange information about wh We enjoyed an lunch at the Castle Hotel, which is the oldest inland hotel in Australia. A detour to see the town and countryside from the top of Mount Brown followed.

A group of Probus Club members at lunch

Lovely old well in the main street of York

134 year old stable wall behind an old building.

partially covered by Bougainvillea

Probus Club members and guests on Mount Brown

Villa Carlotta provided comfortable coach transport for both of these trips. The hostess and tour captain were attentive and knowledgeable, and added to the enjoyment of the day. A great way to travel.

My first contact with the Karrinyup and North Beach Probus Cub occurred when they invited me to speak about my first book, Other People’s Country. At Elizabeth’s invitation, John and I also enjoyed a day trip with them to Araluen last year. Meeting with them again was like catching up with old friends.

Probus Clubs welcome retirees who want to meet new people in a stimulating environment.

According to the official Probus website

Active seniors join Probus Clubs for intellectual stimulation from listening to informed speakers, going on outings and joining together with other members for fellowship.


New Clubs are created regularly to cater for the needs of active seniors who want to keep their minds active, to expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of Probus friends.


Information about Probus Club in Western Australia

  • The first Probus Clubs in this State began in 1984.
  • They now encompass men and women.
  • Sponsored by a Rotary Club, each Probus Club on formation becomes a self-governing body within the limits of their Club’s Probus Constitution.
  • Probus Clubs are non-political, non-sectarian and non-fundraising.
  • The Probus Association  forms a connecting body between the individual Clubs.
  • To find a Probus Club in Western Australia, check here .

6 replies on “Probus Club day trip to York ”

    1. Thanks, Sue. York is really pretty, and so close to Perth. We were guests of the Probus Club, but I’m considering joining, although J is not as keen as me.

  1. Hmmm, maybe I should join – I don’t see why you should be having all the fun!
    Gee you take beautiful photos – they really capture the day. Glad you had such a delightful day adventuring.

    1. No time like the present to have fun, Fiona! And thank you for commenting on my pics.

  2. Great pics Maureen. York is lovely. We’ve recently joined Probus – will get our badges in November! We’re looking forward to visiting other clubs while on our caravan travels across Australia.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I enjoyed taking the pics. Fabulous that you and Peter have joined Probus. Our Dad was very active in setting up the first in the State. He’d love that you are a member, and that (our brother) Peter Stone is a member of Rotary.

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