Pinterest stole my heart

‘You should try Pinterest,’ my sister, Elizabeth Worts, urged. You will love it. Ít is good fun. And you won’t ever have to buy another magazine.’

At first, I couldn’t see the point. Why would anyone want to ‘follow’ other people’s ‘pins’ and ‘boards’ and read about their interests. The idea was too new for me to grasp.

But then, I started to experiment, and I fell in love with this form of social media.


Why I fell in love with Pinterest

  • Pinterest is a potent learning tool, a painless way to expand my knowledge about serious subjects as well as trivia that attracts me
  • It is easy and fun
  • It is visually pleasing, frequently clever and always interesting
  • I enjoy communicating with other people with interests similar to mine
  • I may never have to buy another magazine!

I imagine most people reading this blog post will know about Pinterest. But for those who have not yet discovered it, here are a some ways of thinking about it.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a form of social media that uses visual bookmarks. It helps the user discover (and save) creative ideas of all kinds. Pinterest is a form of communication. It connects people in many different ways through shared interests, values, hobbies.

This form of social media can also be a means of developing a business or advertising. It can connect sellers and buyers.

What are Pins?

Pins can be described as ideas depicted in a visual form. For example, pins can be about recipes, fashion, Shakespeare, fiction writing information, book reviews, archeology, With creativity and a little ingenuity, a pin could be created about any subject.

Pins often link to serious articles on the topic depicted.

Pins can also be thought about as visual bookmarks. Each pin links back to the site it came from. If someone pins a pin from one of my boards, the pin is linked back to my site. In this way, a pinner can learn more about the topic of interest from my other pins.

What are Boards?

Boards are places where people collect and organize their Pins. Each board tells a unique story about what that person cares about. If a user likes a board, they can follow it. They will be alerted when a new pin is added.

I have 29 boards, and can add to them or delete them. They vary from quotes and ideas about creativity, through ideas for home decoration to information about writing a novel and quotes from Dr Suess. Obviously, some are serious. Others are great fun.

Some of my boards on Pinterest
Some of my boards on Pinterest

I’d love you to visit my Pinterest boards and see some of the interesting pins and ideas I have collected.

I like to arrange the pins on my boards to provide immediate and hopefully pleasing visual impact. Everyone organises their pins in different ways.

You can link to my Pinterest boards here.

Pinterest is not just for public sharing. It is easy to create boards that are personal and private. It is also possible to create a group board, shared only with those you want to share with.

Some serious ways I use Pinterest

  • I pin my blogs, so people who do not already follow my posts have access to them. And I get quite a buzz when someone re-pins one of my posts. This is one way a writer can become better known to an audience
  • I sometimes refer people in groups I facilitate to one of my boards. For example, I might refer writers to my board ‘Books about Writing
Books about writing
Books about writing
  • When working with other people on a project, it is easy to set up a group board. Everyone can pin to the private board. They share ideas and make decisions.
  • I use one of my private boards to collect, order and keep tab of the details of my new novel. These include photos of the settings in a country town in Western Australia. Various images of the landscape. The house where my protagonist lives. Her workplace inside and out as I imagine it. Other pins depict the clothes she wears. Her family. A trip she takes.
  • Another private board is part of my planning a big birthday party.
  • One of my private boards is a health and fitness board with pins
Pinterest plea
Pinterest plea

My Pinterest site can be found here.

I am curious about how other people use Pinterest. If you enjoy Pinterest, let us know why, or if you hate it, please share in the comments. 

2 replies on “Pinterest stole my heart”

  1. I still love Pinterest, but my pins are mostly fun and fancy!
    I showed you, but now you are leaps and bounds ahead of me, Maureen.
    It’s amazing, no matter what subject you search for, you will always find pins to explore.
    Also Pinterest has improved over the years. Often you would just be able to pin a pin and find no other information about that pin. Now you can ‘Visit’ and explore each pin.

    1. I love looking at your boards and pins. I often re-pin them to my own boards. I specially love your craft and gardening boards. Your crochet and bag-making pins are beautiful. I’m really pleased you introduced me to Pinterest. I try to keep mine fun, too.

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