Explore Subiaco’s industrial sculptures

Subiaco’s industrial sculptures reflect the city’s origins as a partly industrial suburb on the outskirts of the City of Perth. Some industry still exists, but will soon be phased out. In recent decades, Subiaco developed into a highly sought after residential enclave less than four kilometres from the Perth CBD. Not long ago, our street was home to used car lots.

Subiaco's industrial sculptures
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Too Much Lip, by Melissa Lucashenko – a review

Too Much Lip, Melissa Lucashenko’s sixth novel, won the 2019 Miles Franklin Award, Australia’s most prestigious literary award. It was also short-listed for the Stella Award and several others prestigious awards.

Cover of Too Much Lip
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How to write long fiction – my next crash course

To write long fiction (a novel) is one of my dreams. Some people probably think that a person with a PhD (Writing) would be able to write anything. To write long fiction

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