Scarlatina – my brush with a once deadly disease

scarlatina, a once deadly disease

Scarlatina (the Latin name for scarlet fever) is not the romantic disease some novelists would like us to think. It caused the death of children in some fiction in classic children’s literature. But this deadly disease occurred in epidemics as a world-wide scourge. You can read about scarlatina in children’s literature here.

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Scarlet fever, Beth March and others

Scarlet fever - childhood stories

Scarlet fever, according to Lizzie Enfield, is ‘the red rash of romantics’. The once-deadly disease causes a high fever, red rash, red lumps on the tongue, flushed cheeks and red creases under the arms, in the elbows and groins. As well, it causes the death or severe disability of several children in literature. They include Beth March in Little Women, the boy who owns the rabbit in Velveteen Rabbit and Mary in By the Shores of Silver Lake.

Those of us who have suffered the disease remember nothing romantic about it.

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Teddy bears, rainbows, rabbits bring smiles at Easter

Photo of teddy bears and rainbows

Teddy bears, rainbows, rabbits and assorted other animals and art brought a smile to my face (and my eyes, which was nice) over the past few days. Easter joy has spread through the suburbs near where I live.

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Life lessons, jigsaw puzzles and COVID-19

Life lessons and jigsaw puzzles

Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes. They pop up when we least expect them. In January, 2020, anyone with half an eye on the game might have been able to predict that COVID-19 would become this year’s, or this century’s, BIG THING. It would become the greatest of life lessons for everyone

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