A Different Shade of Seeing by Elizabeth Brennan

Cover, A Different Shade of Seeing

A Different Shade of Seeing, a memoir by my friend, Elizabeth Brennan, delighted me. As Shane McCauley says:

‘We are privileged guests of the author as she shares her thoughts, observations and aspirations. History and folklore are discovered and retold through many incredible anecdotes.’

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Books by Australian women – a challenge

Books by Australian women often fail to attract the reviews they deserve in the general and literary media. Not only that, they often do not appear on lists of best books forthcoming from publishing houses. The Australian Women Writers’ Challenge aims to make up some of the difference in numbers of reviews of women and men writers.

Photo of books by Australian writers
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Self-care – my word for 2020. It could be yours, too

Self-care definition

Self-care seems like an odd word to choose as one’s catchword for a year, but the concept deserves consideration for many reasons.

Catch-words help to focus our minds on important aspects of life, the areas we want to improve. A word of the year can develop into a powerful tool for change, without the bother of setting up goals or New Year’s resolutions that are sure to fail.

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Vaccinate against shingles, especially for over 50s

Vaccinate against shingles

I urge everyone over 50 to vaccinate against shingles. Zostavax vaccine, which helps to prevent the viral illness known as shingles, has been available since 2016. In Australia, it is offered free to people between the ages of 70 and 79. Others can be vaccinated by their general practitioner at their own expense.

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