‘Saving Missy’ by Beth Morrey – a review

Cover Saving Missy

Saving Missy, a novel by Beth Morrey, guarantees hours of happy reading in these days of social isolation and physical distancing. Written in first person, the protagonist draws the reader into her story from page one.

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Pandemic – a meditation for challenging times

A pandemic meditation

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 threw our lives as we knew them into sudden chaos. Like most people, I’m confused. I don’t know what will come next, or what my responses should or will be.

You can find another blog about COVID-19 here.

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Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations – Subiaco history

Picture Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations took place on Subiaco Oval from around 1910 until the early nineteen fifties. In the 1940s and 1950s, when I went to school, the day created a buzz for us Catholic kids.

Bus after bus pulled up outside the gates of the now flattened Oval. Children from every Catholic school in the greater Perth area tumbled out.

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COVID-19 and social isolation

hand towels COVID-19 and social isolation

We need to have a conversation about COVID-19 and social isolation. People talk more about COVID-19 than they do about any other topic these days except, perhaps, toilet paper, which may be even worse.

That’s why you may well say, ‘Oh, no! Not another article about the virus!’

But stay with me.

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