A Fortunate Life – an amazing stage performance

A Fortunate Life

A Fortunate Life, a theatre event unlike any I’ve ever experienced, thrilled and delighted my husband John and me. Guessing from the way the rest of the audience looked and sounded as we left the theatre, we were not alone.

The show runs until 4 March in the Ace Cinemas, Midland. You can check the details here. Such a treat for people of all ages on a long weekend if you live in Perth!

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What can you control in your life?

woman in rocking chair taking control

Stressed by a litany of minor events, I’d been thinking about what I needed to do next to get myself back on track. Stress does dreadful things, not only to our minds and equilibrium, but also to our bodies. Time for a reset!

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Paint an umbrella for sheer pleasure

An invitation to paint an umbrella with Tricia Stedman of Arty Brellas popped into my inbox. Life does throw the most unusual invitations and challenges our way!

My response was an unqualified ‘Yes’. I’m committed to lifelong learning.

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Jigsaw puzzles – my life-long love affair

Adults doing jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles develop skills, improve stress levels and encourage social interaction. They provide hours of entertainment and fun for adults as well as for children. Research shows that assembling a jigsaw puzzle is good for brains of all ages.

The photo shows my grandchildren, Alexander and Louise and a friend, Kirstin who called in for morning tea and spotted the puzzle on the coffee table.

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