Non-fiction books – based on facts

Non-fiction books, unlike fiction, are based on facts. Non-fiction includes memoirs, biographies, essays, documentaries, self-help and textbooks. Non-fiction covers a wide range of information and material. Whatever your interest, there’s sure to be a book about it.

non-fiction books
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Read fiction – it entertains and educates

To read fiction rates high among hobbies listed across the adult population in Australia and for many good reasons. We all love a story and most of us like to read for pleasure. Some of my loveliest memories involve reading.

Reading Fiction entertains and educates us

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The Weekend by Charlotte Wood – a review

The Weekend, the sixth novel by acclaimed author Charlotte Wood, enchanted me. Perceptive, gut-wrenchingly sad and superbly written, this book also includes enough  humour to lighten the story.

The Weekend cover
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