Nineteen fun activities to do in 2019

A list of nineteen fun activities for 2019 makes me shivery with anticipation. The year, all 365 days of it, stretches from here to a point somewhere just over my horizon.

My nineteen fun activities are projects that I’ll enjoy even while they challenge me.

Days, like people, are gifts for which I’m grateful. Events I can’t control and do not want may also be also gifts, although disguised in unattractive wrappings. Already 2019 promises some of these, so my plans need to be playful and enjoyable to help me ride the bumps.



My top-of-the-list item is to read after a dismal year of so little reading because I didn’t know about my significant cataracts. They were diagnosed in October, and my eyes are now on the mend. They caused me to wonder why I so quickly lost interest in what I was reading and fell asleep. By the end of January 2019, I’ll have new spectacles and I can’t wait. I plan to write a blog about the nineteen kinds of books I plan to read in 2019.

Rearrange my study

The little alcove near the front door attracted me the minute we walked into this apartment with the estate agent. The rest of the apartment is lovely, but the ‘study nook’ as we named it sealed the deal. I’ve been vaguely dissatisfied with it since we moved to the apartment this time last year. But now I know it needs a better chair, a bigger monitor and fewer visual distractions if I’m to really enjoy it.

‘Work away from home’

This has nothing to do with a glamorous fly-in-fly-out job to some remote, exotic part of Western Australia. I wish! Instead, our building boasts meeting and study spaces on the ground floor. As well as that, Subiaco has many iwelcoming cafes. I plan take my laptop or a notebook and pencil and enjoy different places to write in. Since Christmas, I am also the owner of specky new wi-fi headphones. Watch me write!

Play in nearby parks and gardens

I walk through the pretty parks in Subiaco, admire the tiny unexpected gardens squares and wonder at the people who sit and read in the sunshine or the shade. This year you will find me, also, a frequent reader and day-dreamer on a park bench. I’ll picnic, party and play, rather than simply walk through.
The ‘party park’ which starts just 200 steps from our front door

Pastel paint

An old one. It featured on last year’s list. But this is my year for practising a hobby I have never given enough time to develop properly.  After a course at UWA Extension some years ago I fired up for a while, and now plan to see what I can do.

Live more simply

Paring away things we didn’t need, didn’t use and didn’t love last year taught me about living more simply. I would never have believed how liberating it could be to live minimally. However, some things I thought would be essential have not been used for twelve months. I need to let them go, along with a habit or two that no longer serve a purpose.

Fringe Festival

To attend at least three events, as well as simply wandering around enjoying the throbbing life of the festival are high priorities on my list of things to do for fun.

Travel more often by train

If one lives 250 metres from a train station, there can’t be too many excuses why you don’t travel by train in this beautiful, convenient city.

Perth Writers’ Festival

Once, not so long ago, I used to hang about the Perth Writers’ Festival from opening morning to the closing event days later so that I could absorb the wisdom and skills of other writers. With my lunch in a bag, I went from one session to the next, bought books, met friends and went home fulfilled. But those days have gone and this year I will be sedate, choose events wisely, rest often and not exhaust myself.

Make time for play

This a secular variation of keeping holy on the Sabbath day. As a sole parent who also worked full time and usually had a unit of study in the wings, I deliberately chose to spend time doing fun activities with my six kids on Sundays. It kept me sane. Those days helped me to parent and best of all, they felt right. I’ve let this lovely custom slip and plan to revive it.

We go to Mass on Sundays at our local, easy-to-walk-to-church. It’s easy to add a little play-time to our routine.
St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Subiaco, opened in 1933

Go to the cinema

Another outing I love and which has slipped off the agenda lately. I hope see twelve movies in cinemas inside and out in 2019.


I will have three mini-holidays this year, as well as one great big adventure.

Make music

The keyboard I once practised so diligently sits propped up in a cupboard, the book of easy pieces that had begun to bore me beside it. Not only will I get them out, I’ll buy another music book and start again, if necessary from the beginning.

Explore more ways to communicate using social media

Participate in, and enjoy, the Social Media Summer School beginning on 7 January.

Find as many ways as I can to communicate with my great-grandchildren who will be overseas. Perhaps Amanda Kendle might be able to help with this.

Swim walk stretch

150 kilometres swimming in a pool in a year should not be too difficult and less than I planned for last year. It works out at around one kilometre three times a week most of the year. The other days for walking. Stretch every day.

Crotchet a shawl

The pattern I have is an intricate one sent to me by a friend and the yarn I will choose beautiful, silky and several colours. I toss up between ruby, rose and pink and a range of blues. After all those grandchildren’s crochet rugs, often in colours of their choosing (yes, even the one in Docker’s colours!) this will be pure indulgence.

Knit a jumper

In 2018, discovered that I can still knit, even with arthritic fingers and knitted a cardigan for Alexandra. Perhaps knitting was good for the stiffness. In 2019, I’ll knit a jumper or cardigan for Elizabeth. We’ll choose the colour and the wool together.
Great-granddaughters Elizabeth and Alexandra cooking with me

Give more talks

The last of my nineteen fun activities is to speak up more. An inclination to ham it up makes me long for the olden days when I used to enjoy talking in public. Already, I have an unsolicited invitation to speak in a library in February. Perhaps I can follow that up with more invitations.

Review my achievements this time next year

That seems like another fun thing to look forward to

So that’s my list of nineteen fun activities for 2019. In between, you will find me at my desk writing or busy with the mundane tasks of daily living.

If you’ve written a blog about your plans for 2019, please feel free to share by putting a link in the comments below.

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  1. I feel inspired to go out conquer 2019 with you! Looking forward to the challenges and rewards a New Year brings. All the very best, Maureen!

    1. Hi, Sue, My list is for fun, and I don’t think it will be too exhausting! And, anyway, because they are not resolutions, I won’t feel badly if I don’t accomplish everything. Happy New Year!

  2. Have just found your blog, so I have some catching up to do 🙂 Thank you so much for your wonderful observations and ideas. Sorry (for me) that your library talk is full, so do hope you get to do more.

    1. Hello, Mary,
      Thank you for contacting me to tell me you enjoy my blog posts. I, too, am sorry that my talk tomorrow is so full that you can’t come. I think there may be others who are in the same position, so perhaps the Duncraig Library will consider having me back.

      Perhaps you might consider signing up on the form on my posts so that you get my newsletter.

      Warm wishes, Maureen

      1. Thank you Maureen. I’ve done that and have been reading lots of posts. I’m fascinated by your downsizing, so am reading those currently. Thank you again. I’m so glad you’re happy in your apartment. It sounds wonderful.

        1. Wonderful, thank you Mary. I look forward to hearing from you again in the comments on posts, and perhaps meeting you at another Library talk.

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