New horizons beckon. A seven-year-long project has finished. I’m looking forward to new ventures, thinking differently, new learning.

New horizons beckon
New horizons beckon

 Time seemed to open up. My head cleared. New projects, as well as new horizons, beckoned.

The time came to reorganise my physical space. To make a place to welcome new ideas. New creations. New writing.

A good start was to revamp my writing room, tweak the edges. It’s always been pretty. I am lucky to have such a nice space in which to work.

But until yesterday there was clutter. A notice board with bits of paper curled at the edges. Tired old pens. Scraps of paper with scribbled notes. Notebooks, most begun in a rush of enthusiasm, too soon dog-eared from constant use. Smaller notebooks tattered from my handbag. Files with newspaper cuttings, forlorn. They might have come in useful.  Or not. Filing cards that never quite worked for me.

The decision to get rid of research and workings was easy. I am not a hoarder. There seems little point in hanging on to stuff. Some material has ended up in Elopement. If it didn’t scored a place there, it does not deserve space.

I’ve sometimes been reluctant to throw out research that might be useful ‘one day’. But I don’t like clutter. I don’t often miss things I’ve discarded. Tidying becomes even easier as I age. One day I will have less energy. Why not just do it?

I always enjoy reorganising at the end of a major project. A university unit completed. A whole degree finished. A major work project that had taken years to get off the ground, at last flying. The last child to leave home and an empty nest to organise. The list could go on.

A corner of my writing room
A corner of my writing room
Happiness is a tidy desk
Happiness is a tidy desk

One of my daughters helped to move a bookcase. We reorganised the space. The desk is uncluttered. No major changes. But the light from the windows has altered. The view is more appealing.

The notice board next to the computer found itself with a new cover. Green, restful. But with a scattering of tiny bees. It’s childlike. It’s fun. Already, there are two typed sheets of paper pinned to it. A master plan for a new book. A list of things to do this week. Soon I’ll add a timetable.

My neat new space signifies new horizons, new directions. Where to now?

 Endings and beginnings
Endings and beginnings

My new horizons

  • Clarify my plans for a major writing project.
  • Explore a new writing group for mutual support.
  • Continue to revamp my social media platforms.
  • Take better photographs.
  • Play with designs for improving my blog.
  • Research and workings.
  • Play in my garden.

I’d love to hear how other people celebrate the end of a project. Please leave a comment.

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    1. Thanks, Melinda. It really is a lovely place to write, think, daydream. I think I need an armchair to sit in to read. The space is a bit small for too much furniture. Perhaps I need a trip to IKEA to find something relaxed and compact!

        1. Let’s have a coffee when your children are back at school. It would be good to talk.

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