My new book, ‘Elopement: a memoir’, is closer to becoming a reality.

I’m delighted to reveal  the back-page blurb of the new book, thanks to my friend, Christina Marigold Houen at Perfect Words Editing.drum-roll-cartoon-998879

Please roll the drums and share my excitement! Here is the blurb for my new book:


‘I could fall in love with this man,’ I thought fleetingly.  But then I remembered.  I didn’t do that anymore. ‘


From the opening words, when Maureen Helen sees her friend John’s much loved old yacht rocking gently on the tide, we know she is in for a life-changing adventure. Maureen, nearing seventy, tells John she hopes she can still take on challenges when she is eighty, and he replies, ‘What will stop us?’

Their decision to elope to avoid the complications of a family wedding is a defiant act that symbolises the risk and spirit of adventure that make this story sing. Troubles arise — different ideas of how to share a life in a house that is haunted by painful memories, family concerns, giving up hard-won independence, illness, depression. But love survives.

This moving, funny, honest story will surprise and delight you. It fills a gap in our literature in its celebration of the joys, tribulations and transformations that late love can bring.


John and I on the yacht, Amigo Diablo where this story begins in my new book
John and I on the yacht, Amigo Diablo where the story begins in my new book.

This new book has been six years in the writing. The process has been long and sometimes tedious.

As I’ve shared on my blog before, I’ve decided to self-publish rather than pursue traditional publication.This is a brand new adventure, a steep learning curve that John and I are sharing.

Please stay tuned for more installments of the journey of my new book through to publication.

The next episode may even include a peek-preview of the cover.

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23 replies on “New book announcement”

  1. This is wonderful news Maureen. It is starting to sound so near. I love your photo; sailing epitomizes adventure to me!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie, it is good news and also a wonderful adventure. They tell me there is still much to be done, before the reality of a new book. Glad you like the photo – it is one of my favourites

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I feel a mixture of nervousness and wonderful excitement and want to share it! Keep posted.

    1. I love the Elizabeths in my life, Elizabeth B: you, my sister, my great-granddaughter and my sister-in-law! And yes, at last!
      Thank you for commenting.

      1. Well – with the fabulous, royal, epic name Elizabeth – whose life would not be full with so many?!!

  2. Oh I hope so. Will it be soon??Put me down for a copy. Love and best wishes RosieXXX

    1. Yes, Rosie. Early in October. Of course you are down for a copy. You’re a star!

  3. Congratulations, Maureen – it is exciting news, and I love the photo, too!

    1. Thanks, Coral. It is exciting. The photo makes us look young and adventurous, doesn’t it?

  4. Well Done xx best wishes in circulating your book, and gaining well deserved comments to feed your soul x ale

    1. Thanks, Vale. There are still a few steps to go before I get to the circulation part of this process. But the book is on its way! Thanks for your comment.

  5. It is wonderful to be part of this process!! Keep going my friend. All love RosieXX

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