Nature’s profusion of purple flowers

Nature's profusion of purple flowers

Nature’s profusion, in all its manifestations, should continue to surprise us. But if you’re like me, it’s all too easy to take such abundance for granted. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, talks about the abundance of ideas available to each of us. This applies especially when we are open and engaged on a project. She says,

Looking at God’s creation, it is pretty clear that the creator itself did not know when to stop. There is not one pink flower, or even fifty pink flowers, but hundreds... no two alike.

If you ask anyone serious about a creative endeavour, they’ll tell you that when they’re in the middle of a creative venture, ideas flow freely, abundantly. New concepts can be found everywhere.

It seems not only pink flowers, but flowers of all colours, are like that. This week, purple flowers have caught my eye.

Nature’s profusion

October is the second month of Spring in Australia and with the warmer weather, shrubs and trees and plants of all kinds burst into flower. They include wildflowers as well as cultivated plants in gardens and parks.

I’ve happily accepted this months colour challenge of my friends, Sue W and CG: ‘Purplish‘. If you click on that word, you can read their posts relating to this challenge, and those of many other people.

The concept of purplish appeals because it embraces all those shades and hues we associate with the colour purple. Lilac and lavender, cerise and violet, mauve, periwinkle, plum, heliotrope… the list goes on. There’s even an abundance of words more accurately to describe the many colours we so loosely call ‘purple’.

Memories of cataract surgery

When I typed that list, I remembered two things about cataract surgery.

I can’t remember what he saw. But the first thing my father said when the nurse removed the dressings after his cataract surgery was,

That’s mauve. Oh, dear, I’d forgotten mauve.’

I experienced something similar, but with less joy than my father showed. Without my knowing, my cataracts had taken on a dull tobacco hue which distorted colour vision. I felt deeply shocked to discovered that the cushions and other soft my furnishings I’d bought for our new apartment were a bright purple-pink. I’d thought I’d chosen soft apricot.

Purple in my life this week

Here’s a smattering of photos of things ‘purplish’ including one of me in a dress I bought online. I thought it was navy, but it turned out purple. At first I thought I’d never wear it, but now I love its deep, rich colour.

Purple lavender
Profusion  purple

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    1. It’s my pleasure to take part in your challenges, when I can think of something appropriate to write.

  1. Beautiful flowers, Maureen, and your dress looks lovely (though I must confess it looks navy blue to me, too! Maybe I need my eyes checked for cataracts!) xx

    1. Thank you, Fiona. I think my dress photographs navy although quite purple. A mystery, maybe never to be solved.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I do love the dress, now I’m over the shock of purple. John bought me a scarf with purple irises that goes beautifully.

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