York in Western Australia claims its place in history because it was the first town in the State to be built inland from the coast. It is also one of the oldest towns in the State.https://maureenhelen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Travel-Western-AustraliaYork.png

Early settlers went to the region in 1931, two years after the foundation of the new colony in Perth. They established farms to provide food for the main settlement 97 kilometres away.

Gazettal of the town site on the banks of the Avon River took place in 1835. Building began in 1836.

These days, York is an easy drive of an hour and a quarter, but in the early days transportation by horse and dray with no tracks took many days.

Over 150 buildings, most of them in the township itself, are heritage listed. Many have been restored to their former beauty and serve in their original capacity. Some, however, have been adapted for new purposes.

Historic town hall York

The main street, Avon Terrace, looks how it would have done at the beginning of the twentieth century, apart from modern cars parked on either side and modern shop- signs.

John and I went on a day trip recently with the Karrinyup & North Beach Probus Club so that we could renew our association with the Club and also reacquaint ourselves with the town and some of its historic buildings. You can read about our day here.

 Historic Town highlights

A few photos of the many attractions of York

Glimpse of the Avon River, York

York has many attractions and areas of interest. Being so close to Perth it is an ideal day’s outing for locals or tourists from other parts of the world.


Wall of old stables behind a restored building

One of my favourites was the lolly shop where John and I browsed and chatted with the owner about the historical exhibits that decorated the shop. Many of them seemed similar to those we remembered from our long-ago childhoods

Old World display outside Penny Farthing Sweets (Confectionery Shop)

If you’ve been to York or another country town recently, please tell us about your experiences in a comment so that other people can enjoy your story.

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    1. Oh, dear, Fiona. Such an important detail. I bought some humbugs, lovely. My husband bought licorice allsorts. Yum.

    1. Yes, Sue. Not old by your York standards! But a very interesting and pretty Western Australian town.

  1. Beautiful photos, Maureen. York is a place I’ve been through many times to visit family and holds some special memories.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I hadn’t been there since the days when the Jazz Festival was held there every year, so long ago. I was surprised it was to interesting and pretty,

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