My list of eighteen things to do in  2018 is inspired by creative Perth women, Amanda Kendle and Aggie Lim. You can read their delicious posts and inspirational lists here and here.


With January almost over, it’s obviously too late for New Year’s resolutions, not that I’ve ever had much success with those. My January passed in a flurry of excitement because John and I made dramatic changes to our lifestyle. I hardly thought about the new year and its adventures until I read Amanda’s and Aggie’s lists.

I’d hate to use being eighty years old as an excuse not to set short, medium and long term goals and I’m pleased to share them.

My top eighteen things to do in 2018

  1. Finish settling into our new home. We downsized as we let go of furniture that would not fit in our new home and possessions we did not need or love. The result has been a wonderful feeling of freedom, but there are some serious gaps while we wait for different furniture to arrive. I can’t wait to introduce some colour into our new space.
  2. Improve my blog. The poor old thing limped along for the past year because of illnesses (mine and John’s) as well as a major technical mishap which took ages to sort out. Looking forward to learning lots in one of Amanda Kendle’s mastermind groups which starts this week. Part of my commitment to life-long learning means following my interests.
  3. Swim at least 200 kilometres. Easy now with the pool on site, rather than driving the 26 km round trip to Beatty Park for a swim
  4. Go on holidays. This includes three mini-breaks and one longer holiday.
  5. Nurture my family and friends. Keep in touch with them often.
  6. Invite my great-granddaughters to sleepovers.
  7. Perhaps make some new friends,
  8. Read and review ten books. Renew my commitment to the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

    AWW Challenge 2018 Badge
  9. Write. I can’t believe this is so low on my list of eighteen things to do in 2018. Writing occupies much of my thinking, dreaming and planning time. It would be better to be occupied with it than pre-occupied. Writers like me who are not writing can become quite unpleasant people.
  10. Enjoy the Perth Writers Festival. Last year was the first year I’ve missed for at least twenty -five years or longer. Such a wrench!
  11. Pastel paint. I went to some classes but did not continue. Our balcony should prove to be a perfect spot for me to practise.

    Pastels – one of eighteen things to do in 2018
  12. Find my camera, somehow mysteriously lost in the move along with John’s favourite egg slicer. I may need to replace both.
  13. Have fun at the Fringe Festival. So easy to get into Perth by train from here.
  14. Improve my repertoire of vegetarian meals. Invite people to share them.
  15. Explore Subiaco. Already I’ve discovered lots of lovely nooks and crannies and I know there are many more.

    Stepping stones in a stream near our apartment
  16. Learn more about my phone. This might mean I answer it more often and, I hope. ,use more features.
  17. Ditto, my laptop. I exchanged the desktop PC for it, and it drives me crazy because it seems to have a mind of its own. I need to tame it!
  18. Do three new things I haven’t yet thought about.

I’d love to read what you have set as your goals for the rest of this year.  Please leave a comment. You can subscribe to my blog by using the button to the right of the page.

14 replies on “My eighteen things to do in 2018”

  1. For a second I thought you meant swim 200 kilometres all in one session and I felt an immediate need to lie down. Then I realised you meant during the year and felt instantly well again!
    This is a great list and I found out more about your many talents, such as being artistic as well as having a way with words. Have fun getting through items 1 through 18 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, Fiona. Actually I was thinking about swimming while I was in the pool this morning, and have decided that 200 kms is a very ambitious target for the rest of this year. I might have to revise it down a bit. I think it’s a good list, as well, but there are a few things missing from it, like sorting out the book cases and getting authors into alphabetical order. Although we have about half the books we once had (two months ago!) they are still a bit unruly. One of my daughters thinks that the little study nook lets the whole apartment down. She says it looks like ‘old people’, whatever that means.

      I’m curious about what your list of things to do for the year might look like? I’d love you to share that.

  2. That’s a bit of a list Maureen, but I’m concerned about what will you do in your spare time?
    I was going to wish you good luck – but that would be a waste of time as I know youlll have that list up in your study and will already be marking them off.
    Hope a trip to Bridgetown will be included as one of your mini breaks or as an extra. Enjoy 2018

    1. Well, Elizabeth, you should talk about spare time! You are much busier than I am, with your community involvement and family commitments. I guess it’s a lot better to wear out than rust away, so let’s just keep going on like this for a good long time. Bridgetown is high on my list, for winter or spring when you and Peter are back from your three months away.

      Where’s your list?

  3. Maureen, a very inspiring list and I am sure you will be able to gradually cross things off as having been achieved, and also think of those last three things.

    1. Hi, Lorraine, and thanks for your comment. Glad you think my list is inspiring. Perhaps it is a bit too ambitious, but we will see.

      What does your list look like?

  4. Why on earth would i be surprised – i always think of my dear friend as the ‘list lady’. What does my list look like? OMG! i better get crackin’

    1. Looking forward to reading your list, Elizabeth B. I suppose being the ‘list lady’ is better than being the ‘lisp lady’!

  5. I am enjoying your writing Maureen and found you via the wonderful Amanda Kendle. Your list sounds achievable, sensible and stretchy of the mind and body 🙂 My list for 2018 looks nothing like yours I confess. I want to continue my studies, keep learning and to keep having lots of mini breaks. Like you I suspect, mini breaks give me something to look forward to and to plan – half the fun is the planning I think.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Natalie. As you have already read, I’m starting a Mastermind group with Amanda on Thursday, and I’ve been one of her many fans for ages. I’m really excited about it. Your list sounds pretty exciting. What are you studying?

  6. I’ve given myself four values to live by this year : courage to do the things I have put off doing; caring for others and for myself; contributing to the community in which I live; creativity in everything I do.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Mike. Your list sounds more thoughtful than mine, and really creative. And of course it provokes my curiosity. ‘What things has Mike Murph0y put off doing?’ Enjoy whhatever you do.

  7. Hi Maureen, I came across your blog by chance, while I was researching something else. Funny, as we seem to have a lot in common, including Amanda Kendle! I loved reading Amanda’s list about things to do in 2018 and now yours. Must honker down and write mine too. I’m up to number 5 and still have to think of a few more. I like your point about making new friends. Will add that one too.

    1. Hi, Nina, and thanks for your comment. I love it when people find my blog by chance, especially when we have mutual friends and interests. I hope you’ll come back to this site and share your list of things to do in 2018

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