Multipotentialites seeking friends

Multipotentialites unite!  A discussion this morning on Facebook about multipotentiality caused my heart to sing.

MultipotentialitesSome members of the blogging mastermind group to which I belong readily identified with the concept. Their identification didn’t surprise me because the things they’d said in the group pointed to their creativity, adaptability and multi-skilling. Thank you, Amanda Kendle, blogging and social media consultant, for raising this topic

I stumbled on the concept of multipotentiality when fretting last year, yet again, that my blog didn’t have a coherent theme. That it was a lot like my life, which can sometimes seem all over the place. Now that I’m eighty, though, I’m delighted that the age of the octogenarian creates some sort of unifying theme.

Hoping to find a way to make more sense of my life and my blog, I was searching on line when I came across this new idea and experienced a Eureka! moment. I fit the label!

I wrote and posted a blog (perhaps two) about the topic. But in the chaos of last year, my website suffered a severe breakdown which, for a while, I thought might be fatal. The posts along with about thirty others disappeared. This is a rewrite from my sketchy notes and new experiences.

My life’s trajectory never follows the gentle arc I wish for it. Instead, it lurches from one fascinating interest, passion or occupation to another. I find it hard to resist a challenge, a new learning opportunity. Occasionally this gets me into trouble, but about ninety percent of the time it turns out OK or better.

Blogging in a (somewhat) disorganised life

Bloggers who do well, I’m told, are those who have a clear theme. They write and regularly post helpful, entertaining and useful blogs. Their writing fits neatly into their stated theme or personal brand. Readers know what to expect and look forward to reading new posts.

I once attended an enjoyable workshop about branding, facilitated by the delightful Glennys Marsdon. Later, I read as much as possible about the concept of branding, but I seemed to have missed the boat completely. My career, rewarding as it has been, has been that of a generalist, easily dismissed. My interests are too random and my blog reflected this.

Enter the multipotentialites

A truly odd word, multipotentialite means something like generalist. It sits with other labels like jack-of-all-trade, scanner, slasher, multipassionate, and multipod.

Emilie Wapnick defines multipotentialites as people who have many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Her site and her book are well worth checking if you suspect you may belong to the tribe of multipotentialites.

She says that the ‘one true calling’ eludes these people. Try as they might, they seem to flit from one passion to the next, from one career path to another. As they go, they absorb knowledge, learn skills and delve deeply into new areas of interest.

Specialists, on the other hand, dig ever more deeply into their chosen career. They maintain a steady progression in their single, clearly defined vocation.

More definitions of multipotentialites

Multipotentialite, according to Wikipedia, is an educational and psychological term that refers to the ability of a person, particularly one of intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields. It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one.

Multipotentialite is someone who has done a lot more things than most, knows about multiple creative subjects and is quite experienced in life overall. These Jacks-of-all-trades (multipotentialites) believe that knowledge has no boundaries.

So here I am, on the edge of yet another learning curve, discovering new area to explore with my colleagues in the blogging mastermind workshop to which I belong.

Over to you

I’d love to hear from others who think they may also be multipotentialites and how this affects them. We need to recognise each other and grow

6 replies on “Multipotentialites seeking friends”

  1. I love your post Maureen!
    I wonder… and believe… all those Mums out there… Aren’t we all multi potentialaties !!
    Thank you for a superb lightheartd yet simultaneously thought provoking post revealing ‘us’ to who we are!

    1. Hello Susan, and thank you for commenting on my post. Glad you enjoyed it. Mothers certainly do need to be multi-skilled to keep up with the demands of parenting.

  2. Hi Maureen, I remember this post from your lost blog … it fascinated me then as it does now.
    How wonderful that you are beginning new projects and following your curiosity where it takes you, like the talented multipotentialite that you are!

    1. My lost blogs are something of a problem, Fiona. Some of them seem quite worth rewriting from my old notes. A lot are rubbish or too topical to bother about. I also am fascinated with the concept of multipotentiality, as you will already know. I can use it as an excuse for not yet collapsing into a rocking chair just yet.

      Do you identify as a multipod? I suspect you do.

  3. I remember your earlier post, too! There are lots of people who are talented in many areas, without a particular one standing out. It makes it hard to choose which one to follow. You’re doing amazingly, Maureen, and the ‘unifying theme’ you’ve chosen for your blog really suits it! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Louisa. I’m much happier with my How to be Eighty theme. It feels as if the title justifies the randomness of the posts.

      There are indeed many people with multiple skills and talents they enjoy, as you point out. Many of us have trouble working out what we want to do when we grow up, because we spend our time pursuing new interests., learning disparate skills and regularly changing jobs. We don’t specialise and go deep. Our mothers despaired of us ‘settling down’. And there are enormous rewards from being curious and passionate about learning.

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