Way back when this year was young, I brashly published a blog with my list of eighteen things I’d do in 2018.


Here we are, already in July, and I thought I’d check in and see what I’d accomplished. Not as much as I’d hoped, but there’s still half-a-year to go, so that’s good. There were a few other bloggers who wrote and published similar lists. I’d love to hear how you are going.

Here’s what happened

  1. Finish settling into our new home. A big tick for this one. Our apartment delights me. We downsized from a big, two-storey house to a two-bedroom Subiaco apartment. We pared our furniture to what would fit well in the new space and gradually replaced what we needed. When I open the door after I’ve been out I’m overwhelmed with how welcoming our home feels.


  1. Improve my blog. Another big tick. Attending one of Amanda Kendle’s Blogging Mastermind Groups has been a rewarding experience. Not sure if the results are obvious to my readers, but I’ve learned stacks and put what I’ve learned into practice. Still plenty of room to grow and expand. Loving the process and having fun.
  2. Swim at least 200 kilometres. Not exactly a dismal failure in this but  far from reaching that goal by the end of the year. The pool at our apartment was wonderful in summer (which lasted until the end of April with warm sunny days). But a pool that is solar heated needs regular sunshine and are now back at Beatty Park on a regular basis. I overestimated how much I would swim and a cold which lasted over a month has knocked my total. The revised estimate? 150 kilometres by the end of January.
  3. Holidays. On track.  One decent holiday in Singapore and a couple of mini-breaks to Simon’s and Jenny’s lovely house in Dwellingup. Still half a year to go, so hope to go away more often.
  4. Keep in touch with family and friends. Tick. But could always do more.
  5. Invite my great-granddaughters for sleepovers. Not doing very well in this area. One excuse is that families seem so busy these days, it’s hard to fit in sleepovers. July includes school holidays, so maybe in the next week or two I’ll see more of them.
  6. Perhaps make some new friends. Tick. This was easy, in spite of my expectations and the qualifier ‘perhaps’. New, younger friends, in my blogging group and nearer home, which is nice. Good also to be in touch with old friends.
  7. Read and review ten books by Australian Women Writers. I think I’m on track with this. And it’s satisfying to note that some of my reviews are among the most read of my blogs. Here’s a review of Michelle Johnston’s Dustfall.  And one of Pamela Lynch’s How the hell did I get here?
  8. Write. I write blogs. I do mostly write morning pages. But nothing more serious. Who knows what the next six months will bring?
  9. Enjoy he Fringe Festival.  Not so much, really. I was disappointed that we did not see as many things as we could have. We have been to the ballet a few times and to the theatre, and have a few more events booked for the rest of the year.
  10. Enjoy the Perth Writers Festival. Next year I will plan better, and go to more events.
  11. Pastel paint. Well, nah!https://maureenhelen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Gum-sculpture.jpg
  12. Find my camera or replace it. Yes, did that and taking many more photos that I did before I lost it.
  13. Improve my repertoire of vegetarian meals and invite people to share therm. Tick. We now eat at least four non-meat evening meals a week, and we have vegetarian sometimes when we have visitors. That’s pretty liberating because  people my age were mostly fed meat and three veg seven nights a week.
  14. Explore Subiaco. Too easy, especially as I walk lots and there are such interesting things to see in Subiaco and nearby suburbs.
  15. Learn more about my phone. I do use more features. I’m not sure I answer it as often as my children would like. I’m working on it. Makes note to self: Never again buy pants without pockets!
  16. Ditto my laptop. Not quite tamed yet, but I’ve learned enough to get by. Not yet enough, but better than before.
  17. Do three new things I hadn’t yet thought about. Not there yet although the contents of the Mastermind Blogging group might just about qualify for stretching my mind further than I thought possible.

There it is! My list of achievements and unfinished business at the beginning of July.

I’d love to read what others have done in the first sixmonths of 2018. Please share in a comment, or link your blog to this.



4 replies on “July already? Checking on the year so far”

  1. Well if the aim of a list is to get you to achieve lots of things, then you’ve certainly done that! (I don’t think anyone gets everything on their list done. Not with their sanity intact, anyway!)
    I loved reading about what you’ve been up to – what a rich and full life you lead!

    1. Thanks, Fiona. Yes, I’m pretty lucky to have the energy and the enthusiasm to do lots of things, even if sometimes it all seems at a slower pace than before..

  2. Thanks, Miriam. That was last year 2018. Nowhere near as much this year.

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