Holiday with a difference

The Dowerin Bed and Breakfast and its guests have been at my mercy for over a week. This old woman has masqueraded as the boss, while my sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Peter, are overseas on holidays. This is a diary of the week.

 The Dowerin bed and breakfast on the Goomalling-Dowerin Road in the Eastern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia
The Dowerin bed and breakfast on the Goomalling-Dowerin Road in the Eastern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia

Dowerin is at the cross roads to a number of important places.


There are many responsibilities when you live in the country. I had to


Feed Hannah and her sisters. Which chook is Hannah?

The hens rewarded us with real farm eggs with orange yolks. The guests and my husband, John, and I ate them for breakfast almost every day.




Admire one of the garden rooms from the outside.






Choose my favourite.



Set the table for one guest for a 6.15 a.m. breakfast. (The next morning there were five  for people for breakfast at 6, and no time for photography!)


Explore the in the shed at the bottom of the property


and discover John, hard at work.

DSCF0548Photograph reluctant neighbours.







Persist until I found some that were more amenable








Park in the main street, which was never a problem, especially on a Sunday. It is difficult to believe that during the Dowerin Field Days at the end of August space will be at a premium.





Find this Tin Dog on the edge of a paddock. This is the emblem of the town, about which a whole post could be written,

dowerin bookshop



and also  a bookshop in the middle of town.





Find a sunny spot on a verandah of the main house where I could do a spot of craft work – but  where, sadly, I wrote not one word of my new book for a whole week!


A full wood box and several stoves



kept us warm on the odd wintry night


What more could anyone ask for during a week in the country?



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  1. Delightful and quirky, Maureen. I love the twilight photo. May I do a painting from it! And the chooks and sheep are very seductive; also, John’s painting looks good! Sounds an idyllic retreat, even with the early morning starts. Your post conveys the charm and peace of the place.

    1. Oh, wow, Christina! Thanks for your comments and especially for liking my twilight photo. I am flattered and delighted that you would like to do a painting from it. Of course you may! The blog was fun to do, and the place really is lovely. John and I feel blessed to have our little breaks away in the country.

  2. I wonder what folk did if they could only afford the bath and not the towel, did they invent the “shimmy shake’??
    Did you enjoy your holiday in the bush??? Hope so, writing will come now you are rested from your labours??

    1. Hi, Rosie. Love your idea of the invention of the shimmy shake! My ‘holiday’ has been really busy, but at least a break from the mundane, and I’ve enjoyed it. I will go home tomorrow to see my new great-grandson, Bailey, and that I am really looking forward to.

  3. Thank you Maureen and John for all your hard work. We really do appreciate all you do to enable us to have a holiday. I’m sorry you didn’t have time to write as you planned. You both need to come and relax for a few days for you to catch up on your writing!
    Hard for you not to have cuddled Bailey. Bad timing for us to be away when he was born
    Of course I love your photos and blog this week.

    1. We are thinking about coming here and enjoying your company, rather than playing tag when you go away. That would be lovely. But there hasn’t been that much work, in the end. You should be able to tell from the blog that it has been mostly playtime for both of us.
      Bailey is all right now, but has been in special nursery in KEMH because he wasn’t feeding well enough, so no one has had many cuddles except his mother. I think I’ll probably make up for lost time when I get home. But thank you for your concern.
      I’m glad you liked the blog. I was pleased with it.

  4. Thank you! I’ve just completed a twilight scene of winter sunset on Currumbin Creek; very dark, on black paper, shot with sunset lights. So that has inspired me to do another similar. I”m branching out!!

  5. A lovely retreat for you both – love the photo of John painting and you relaxing.

    1. Yes, it is lovely, Elizabeth. We are very lucky to be here. John melts away into the shed and I have to prise him out for lunch. He seems to paint differently when we are here. And my sunny corner on the verandah is a trap, because I love being there.

  6. Hi Maureen

    I work in Kings Park and we were delighted to read your blog about Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park earlier this year – thank you!! I have been approached by Rio Tinto, who would like to reproduce this blog entry for a report they do each year on their contributions to the community. Would you be ok to give permission for this?

    I would be grateful if you could let me know. Kind regards, Rebecca

    1. Hello, Rebecca. I loved writing that blog because some members of my family and I enjoyed our day at Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park very much and I wanted to acknowledge the funds and the work that have gone into its development. I’m delighted that Rio Tinto would like to reproduce my post, and give permission for its reproduction on the understanding that I am acknowledged in whatever form the report takes. Thank you again for your positive response.

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