Holiday in the Swan Valley in springtime

New grapes in Swan Valley

The Swan Valley, less than twenty-five kilometres from home, seemed an unlikely destination for a holiday. But it turned out to be a wonderful place to spend three nights at the beginning of September.

It felt a bit like cheating, to holiday so close to Perth at a destination most Western Australians would think of as an afternoon drive, or at most, a day trip. But we found so much to do that we wished we’d booked for longer.

Holiday accommodation ranges from caravan parks to high-end hotels with everything in between. We chose a purpose-built villa in the centre of the valley.

The Australian award winning Swan Valley Tourist Information Centre provided information about the area and its attractions. The visit there included a museum and a collection of historic buildings.

Here’s the map of the Swan Valley we used to plan our trip.

Situated in the north-east of Metropolitan Perth, the Swan Valley presents a pretty picture. The Swan River runs through the area, and the hills of the Darling Scarp form the eastern boundary. From Perth, the valley begins in the historic town of Guildford.

Things people do in the Swan Valley

From history and culture, through checking out wineries and cafes, walks and cycling, to markets and art galleries there’s something for everyone. Most places welcome children.

According to the website Experience Perth,

The Swan Valley is home to over 40 world-class wineries, six boutique breweries, cideries and distilleries as well as fine restaurants bustling cafés, amazing local produce and markets – so there are plenty of food, wine and cider and ale trails to choose from. The region also has lots of scenic walkingwildflower and cycle trails.

Some of the ways we spent our time

  • We ate. A lot. Great food, beautifully presented. The first pic shows a lavender and blueberry cheesecake at the Lavender Bistro and Cafe. The second, exquisite layered honey cake at the Honey Shop and Meadery.
  • Walked at along a river track at Walyunga National Park. Walyunga has been a favourite of my family, seemingly forever. It gave me great pleasure to revisit and reminisce.
Walyunga Park on the edge of the Swan Valley
  • Made a some new friends outside our villa. Pity they insisted on keeping out of the sun!
  • Admired a beautiful old church, Saint Mary’s, said to be the oldest in the Swan Valley.
  • Visited Gumboc Sculpture Park and Art Gallery. Blown away by the Robert Juniper paintings inside and the sculptures outside.
  • Coveted some of the exhibits at the Swan Valley Settlers Market and Museum including these little darlings.
  • Tried, yet again, to take a decent selfie. At least we look happy!

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2 replies on “Holiday in the Swan Valley in springtime”

  1. Oh wow that was lovely Maureen and it sounds and looks like you both had a great time. I am so glad you were out and about for a sleep over too. Holidaying close to home is good fun and yes, we don’t always explore what is at our back door. So good on you both and I love the selfie. Well taken my dear. I will say too that the look of that fabulous cheese cake makes my mouth water and tempts me to go to that very shop. So decadent. Take care and hope to catch up soon
    X Tricia

    1. The whole weekend was pretty decadent, at least for us, Tricia. It was such a good thing to do, and we came home really refreshed. Susan Dunne is a great believer in holidaying and recreating in our own back yard. So much of Western Australia is waiting to be explored – not just the big trips across the Kimberley but also the mini sleepovers (love that word and the idea) close to home. Something good to be said for COVID-19 hard borders.

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