Grateful I’m alive and growing

Grateful I'm alive

Acknowlegement of country

Grateful I’m alive isn’t something I’ve said or written very often over many months. Except, perhaps, in one of my somewhat Pollyanna* attempts to write in my gratitude journal. But this morning it struck me that I’m grateful and glowing.

This may be a temporary state. But while the feeling lasts, while the concept lingers, I plan to rejoice and be glad.

*For those who do not know, Pollyanna is the name of a little girl in a novel of the same name, familiar to those of my age. An orphan, Pollyanna tries to be grateful for everything. As a child and later, I never quite understood her philosophy. But her name provides a good short-cut to the idea of ‘making the best of things’.

Some reasons I’m grateful I’m alive

Having introduced the idea of Pollyanna, I’m afraid I may continue in that vein. But I hope not! Here are a few of the things to give thanks for today.

  • I’m a regular Sunday-Mass-goer. This morning I sat in my favourite pew in our parish church. The pew near a front side-door gets lots of fresh air, and allows a good view of the altar. After months of hot weather, today I rejoiced in the cool breeze that blew so that I had goose bumps on my bare arms and legs. Autumn may be on its way after a sizzling summer in which heat records were smashed across Western Australia.
  • As a bonus, there’s plenty of space for my walker near the pew.
  • I’m grateful for the walking aid that I bought under protest after I fell on a curb eighteen months ago, gave myself a massive head-wound and concussion. The sturdy walker means I can walk many kilometres without feeling anxious.
  • After Mass, I walked through green parkland to visit my granddaughter, her husband and my great-granddaughter. Helen’s twenty-one-months old and a total delight. I get withdrawal symptoms if I do not see her often.
  • It’s Laetare Sunday. The word means ‘rejoice’ and is the first word of today’s liturgy. We’re half-way through Lent, half-way to Easter.
  • Yesterday, I went by train to Perth, a few stations from home. I could have driven. The station is being renovated. The lift (elevator) to the platform I needed is disabled. It meant a short trip in the opposite direction before changing trains to get where I wanted to be. So complicated! So adventurous! A fun trip for an old woman who has had so little energy for so long!
  • My planned shopping completed, I bought, on total impulse, a beatiful top. It goes with many things in my jaded, end-of-summer wardrobe. It felt rich and beautiful when I tried it on. I stand straighter when I wear it.
  • There’s an orchid on the dining table and a bunch of yellow chrysanthemums on the coffee table. Mozart playing.

The broader picture

My list above sounds frivolous. Here’s more serious stuff.

After a long, mediated legal session ten days ago, details of my future life have started to emerge. There’s much to be grateful for, especially the people who have supported me in small ways and great.

Of course I’ll survive, even thrive. Why did I doubt that?


I’m linking this post to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge Timeworn. It’s the challenge devised by my friends, Sue Walker of the website Nan’s Farm and Gerry C, at The Main Aisle. Both entertaining, both worth checking out.

I feel anything but timeworn!

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Photo fo Maureen Helen at Thody wedding


  1. Oh Maureen how uplifting to read this just now….I opened your blog first this morning & so happy that I did. πŸ˜€ Your joy in these things is palpable so wishing you continued delight in daily doings.🎢🎢🎢

  2. Beautiful post, Maureen. Your picture at the end is lively and cheery, too. Is that your new top? It’s lovely.
    I recently reread Pollyanna! I’ve owned the whole series since childhood. Originally owned by my grandmother, it was gifted to her Xmas,1916.
    Your attitude of gratitude always inspires me. Xx

    1. Thank you Susan. I love the photo that was taken at my granddaughter’s wedding in May last year. My new top is nowhere near as glamorous! Not sure about my attitude of gratitude lately, though. A bit battered, really. But feeling much more optomistic with an end to legal battles in sight.

  3. Well done for such a positive, sunny blog post Maureen. Your description of sitting in the Church at Sunday Mass, is so light, coll and refreshing. When I read that passage, I could just sense the cool and see through the door to the outside. That, followed by your walk in the park to see your family, was so lovely and well expressed. Good on you for spreading your sunshine Maureen πŸ™‚ .

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Tricia. I’ve decided after all these years that I’m not a summer person after all. Maybe I need to return to Albany, where I lived for a few years. I came to Perth one Christmas for a holiday and packed track suits because I’d forgotten about hot summers. I always feel better when I’m cool, or even cold.

  4. What a beautiful post, Maureen, I loved it.
    I too could visualise you sat in church, closing your eyes, feeling thankful as you savour the peace, and singing joyfully with your friends in the congregation.
    Our bodies might begin to wear out, but thankfully our hearts continue to remain full.
    I was also delighted to read that the legal battle is at last coming to an end.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, SueW, and for the prompt, which I enjoyed. Worn out bodies seem a small price to pay when there are still good things to be enjoyed in this life. Mx

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