Grandmother blogger and proud

I’m a grandmother blogger, and love the title. There’s a growing band of women who are happy to claim the status of grandmother blogger.

 We don’t write only about our grandchildren. Instead, our writing ranges much broader, and touches on our other interests, from travel and the arts to history and health.

There’s no reason why people shouldn’t write blogs about their grandchildren, because grandmothers delight in their status, and delight in sharing stories about their grandchildren. Blog posts are a perfect platform to share those stories.

Grand-mothering is a topic dear to my heart, also, but I haven’t yet written much about it on my blog.

Recently, I spoke at the Duncraig Library as part of the ongoing program they facilitate to encourage lifelong learning.  The men and women in the audience were mostly older folk. Because they are committed to lifelong learning they responded to what I said about my blogging.

The Library used the term ‘grandmother blogger’ in its publicity for my talk. Some people might not like the label of grandmother, but because I was blessed with my first grandchild when I was 43 I have grown used to it. I fell in love with my first granddaughter and love being grandmother.

I really like the term grandmother blogger, because it connects me with other older women who also blog.

Why people write blogs

People write blogs for all sorts of reasons, in the same way that some people write novels and others write memoirs or poetry. Some people garden and others run marathons. Reasons why they do what they do vary from one person to the next.

Consultant Amanda Kendle, facilitator of an online social media summer school I joined in January, challenged those who participated every week-day for three weeks.

Some might say the challenges were relentless, and some days that’s how I, also, felt. But Amanda certainly knew how to encourage us to move from one level of proficiency to the next, in the quickest time possible.

One question she asked, early in the course, was, ‘What is your Why?’ It’s a simple enough question at face value. I answered it in a blog called Social media and lifelong learning. That was my answer to one question, ‘Why did I enrol in the course?’

The more I think about the question, though, the more I can see its value in many unrelated situations.

As part of my preparation for the talk at the library, I asked myself, ‘Why do I enjoy being a grandmother blogger?’ Here is the list I came up with.

Some of the reaons I enjoy being a grandmother blogger

  • Blogging gives me the opportunity to write about things I’m passionate about or interested in as an older woman
  • My blog provides a platform where I can challenge stereotypes about ageing and about older people
  • It is a place to encourage others to challenge stereotypes as well
  • Writing a blog satisfies my urge to contribute to the world from knowledge acquired over a long life
  • It gives me a place to explore my ideas about ageing as well as many other issues and to share them
  • There is something immediate about a blog which satisfies my writer-role
  • I enjoy the connections and interactions with like-minded people
  • My lifelong learning journey has enriched my life and blogging is a way to share that.
  • I like the discipline and purpose of writing regularly for an audience.
  • Blogging, including writing, photography, maintaining a website and putting it all together, is a creative activity.

Grandmother bloggers

Here are links to two grandmother bloggers I like.

You can find Nan’s Farm Inside Out where the writer, Sue, a retired teacher, writes about her life in Yorkshire at

Joyce Williams

Grandma Williams is a retired physiotherapist. Her writing is wise, witty and educational. You can find her blog at

If you are a grandmother blogger, I’d love to connect with you. If you know anyone who thinks of herself as a grandmother blogger, please leave her address in the comments.

13 replies on “Grandmother blogger and proud”

  1. You frequently write very interesting and informative pieces that also delight, challenge and celebrate a rich and varied life. Thank you. Jenny

    1. Thank you, Jenny. How lovely that you think some of my blogs are satisfying and celebratory. Much to celebrate, really.

  2. It is indeed a title to wear with pride, being a grandmother. Since being at the birth of my first grandson I feel privileged and honoured to be in the band! It’s brought a whole new dimension to my life.

    1. Hi, Susan, thank you for your comment. Those of us who have been present at the birth of grandchildren must be among the most blessed of grandmothers and I’m glad we have shared that privilege! Being a grandmother is one of the most satisfying ongoing experiences of my life.

  3. Firstly, thank you for including me in the list of recommended grandmother blogs, what an honour.

    I began blogging as an extension of my daily journal and also because of remarks made on Facebook.

    I cannot remember what this Facebook post was about but after I’d written it a longstanding friend remarked “IT took me ages to read this, I gave up half way through, why do you write so much?”

    I had written only a few lines and felt offended and hurt. Many others jumped to my defence and said how much they’d enjoyed my post.

    Later a colleague remarked “You clearly enjoy writing and usually with humour, have you thought about writing a blog?”

    The suggestion remained in my head but it was to be another couple of years before I finally took the plunge. I hadn’t a clue what I was going to write about so I just adapted the entries in my journal.

    I enjoy blogging and the unexpected bonus has been meeting and making friends with people from all over the world, such a wonderful experience.

    Grandmother Bloggers… Love it, thank you Maureen

    1. Hi, Sue. I’m glad you like being called a Grandmother Blogger. I should have checked, but got carried away because I like reading your blogs and hope my readers will also read and follow your posts. In a way, I see us as trailblazers for other older people, although our numbers are growing.
      I too enjoy the way I’ve met other bloggers around the world through my interest in blogging. It would be good if we could join with others and form a community of Grandparent Bloggers.
      Thank you for commenting.

  4. Before Grandmother Bloggers there was my Mother. She was the first editor of the first community news paper. “The Melville Times.” She had a collim in it called Anne’s diary. She wrote every silly thing we as kids did. What that meant for me was everyone in the area knew about my brother and I. Thus I am wary of putting to much information in print. I understand that Perth has grown a lot since then and anonymity is easier to uphold.

    1. That must have been horrible, Miriam. I can remember being mortified if my mother even talked about us to other people, like grandparents. I don’t think we modern ‘grandmother bloggers’ write much about our children or grandchildren. The ones I follow don’t anyway. We are much too busy having ideas and opinions and sharing wisdom and hints and stuff! If I ever mention one of my children, grandchildren or my husband, I check with them that it’s OK. And I check with the parents of the kids who are too little to know or care what I say.

      I guess the point of blogging and using media of all sorts is to communicate, and I hadn’t thought about anonymity for myself.

  5. Hi! I am an Italian grandma blogger and I’m glad to connect with you. The name of my blog is (translated, fantastic grandma). It is in italian of course, but I post also some recipes in English. My granddaughter is living in Berlin (but she is English native speaking, as her mother is from New zealand) and a second one is arriving in January. Happy New Year from Italy!

    1. Hello, Rossella. How wonderful to connect with you, although sadly I can read little of your blog. It looks amazing, and I wish I spoke Italian! My apologies for not replying sooner – some comments ended up in spam, and I was very perplexed because I got emails from friends who told me their comments had not registered.

      I see that you are a great-grandmother, like me. We are very privileged women, I think. Please keep in touch. I love to correspond to other ‘grandmother bloggers’.

  6. I hadn’t thought of it before, but I also like the term grandma blogger. I , like you don’t write much about my grandchildren even though there’s a wealth of material at hand with 25 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. It’s hard to keep the parents happy and write authentically. I have the same trouble writing me memoir which is half way there.

    1. Hello, Marian. Thank you for your comment, and I’m glad you like the term grandma blogger. I agree that writing about grand-parenting can be fraught with problems. My memoir is not about my family at all, but rather about an adventure I experienced. I think that made it much easier. I like your poetry!

      I live in Perth, Western Australia. Where are you?

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