My successes and failures 2018 seem to balance out. My light-hearted list of eighteen things to do in 2018 was inspired by creative Perth bloggers, Amanda Kendle and Aggie Lim.

Half way through January, I got on the bandwagon and posted my own list of goals for the year. Of course i achieved only about half of what I’d set out to do. What follows is my assessment of successes and failures 2018.

Successes and failures 2018

Settling into new home.

This time last year, John and I were on the cusp of moving from suburbia to an apartment in a high(ish) rise building in Subiaco. We’re delighted with our decision and with the place we now call home. It’s bright,light and airy, and furnished just the way we want it. The amenities, pool and access to the railway station. We’ve become part of a vibrant community.

Jacaranda tree in Subiaco

Improve my blog

How could I have imagined that social media could be such fun? Joining one of Amanda Kendle’s Blogging Mastermind classes made an enormous change because I now view my online world with excitement. Not only have I learned an enormous amount, but my friendship group also grew as we laughed, challenged ourselves and each other and learned heaps. Thank you, Amanda, artist Mia Laing, author Susan Dunn, and the inimitable Tricia Steadman of Arty Brelllas

Mobile phone

Not one of my greatest successes,but I do answer it more regularly, take more photos, play music. A slight improvement .


My goal was to tame this little machine, and that seems to have been accomplished. I still don’t really love it, but it is a useful piece of machinery now that I’ve worked it out. Although it wasn’t one of my goals, I now also back up scrupulously and regularly

Swim 200 kilometres

Yes, that’s right. At one kilometre three times a week, it would have been possible. A cough I couldn’t shake and two months’ time out for cataract surgery put paid to this goal. Swimming does amazing things. When I swim regularly, my life falls into place. Here’s hoping for better luck next year.

Holidays, including a few short breaks and a longer holiday.

On target for this one. Singapore, Dwellingup and Bridgetown.
Bellavista garden in Bridgetown

Pastel painting

Whatever was I thinking? Total fail. I didn’t even get the pastels or paper from the box where they’re stored.

Read and review ten books

This started well, although not for long. Two changes of spectacles in six months and a new optometrist led to  a  diagnosis of significant cataracts. No wonder I felt dispirited and tired when I tried to read.  My ‘significant’ cataracts have been corrected and I’m looking forward to tackling some of the books that have been piling up on my wish list.


My new book simmers. There’s a heap of research waiting to be sorted. A plan on my notice-board. More about this to come soon.

Find my camera or replace it

Found it in one of the boxes hurriedly stowed in a cupboard in my writing nook in the apartment. The camera and my phone come with me wherever I go to record the lovely and not-so-lovely things I see on my walks and travels.

Have fun at the Fringe Festival

We saw a few things, so easy to get to by train from here. But it seems so long ago, I’ve forgotten lots of details. But I think the goal can be ticked.

Improve my repertoire of vegetarian meals

An easy goal, because I’ve cooked vegetarian for most of my life, I enjoy cooking and I’m happy not to eat meat.

Explore Subiaco 

Exploring this lovely area has been, and continues to be, a joy. Love it! So much of interest and beauty,although a bit run-down in places.
Tricia Steadman’s mural in Subiaco

Enjoy family and friends

Success! Love being with my family of procreation and my family of origin, and have shared many good times.

Perhaps make a new friend or two

New friends have come into my life in unexpected ways through the Mastermind class, a new church and the community in SubiStrand where we live. Such blessings!

Invite my great-granddaughters for sleepovers

Yes, and that was wonderful. Wish I’d done it more often, but their timetables and mine seemed to clash.

Review this list in December.


So that’s a roundup of my goal successes and failures in 2018. Of course, much more happened that no one could have foreseen during this year. On the whole it has been a good one, and I’m looking forward to 2019.

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  1. Well done! It’s a good list, and you have achieved a lot. I hope I have your energy and enthusiasm in 10 years time. I think you are my new role model.

    1. Hi Jan. Lovely to hear from you. Thank you for commenting on my list. I’m very lucky to have the energy I have. I’m glad you liked my blog. Now I’m off to read about geriatric gypsies! Happy New Year.

  2. You are truly inspirational Maureen! I may write my own list for 2019 – although I’m not truly a list person (except when I’m making a list of jobs for Richard to tackle in his spare time!). Sounds like it worked for you in 2018 ……now just get those pastels from the box and begin! Happy New Year to you and John. X

    1. Writing a list of 19 things to do in 2019 could be great fun, Rachel. I predict a bit of travel for you and Richard. More than a bit, I imagine. And a list of fun things could be a whole heap better than writing lists for Richard. Poor man!

      Thanks for your wishes for New Year and best wishes to you.

  3. What a wonderful year you’ve had Maureen, full of family, friends and holidays and creativity! (And personally I suspect the goals we don’t achieve are sometimes of the nature of ‘I suppose I should’ rather than things we truly desire to do.)

    Wishing you love and fulfilment in 2019. xx

    1. Hello, Fiona. Yes, it was a good year, I am very blessed. I’ve given up on goals I should meet. It’s much more fun having a list of fun things to do.

      Thank you for your kind wishes for 2019. I hope your year, also, is full of good things.

    1. Hi, Amanda. Not sure about that. But it was fun having a list like that, and not too onerous as resolutions can be.

    1. Thank you, Sue. It was an interesting year, and in some ways frustrating, but I do not often complain about frustrations these days. I love the idea of not having resolutions but a number of challenges instead.

  4. What an enjoyable post Maureen. I haven’t set goals for years, but perhaps I should. These are good ones.

    I like that technology features. I do think that as we get older we need to keep our skills up because as our mobility decreases it provides a wonderful way of staying in the world.

    One of my goals for next year will be to take up Tai Chi with my husband, since our return to ballroom dancing was an abject failure. Another SHOULD be to finish a baby quilt using blocks made my friends for our new grandson. Hmm…

    1. Lovely to hear from you, as always, Sue. Thank you for commenting on my post about the things I enjoyed in 2018. I think this sort of goal-setting is fun. It doesn’t matter whether I achieve them or not, unlike with resolutions which are too limiting. I am passionate about learning as much as I can about technology. I enjoy the challenge, and enjoy being able to communicate in the modern world.

      Tai Chi sounds very daunting! But good luck with it. How lovely that your friends made blocks for a baby quilt. That certainly should be on your list, before he gets too old to use it. These grandchildren grow up far too quickly.

      Have a wonderful 2019, full of good things for you and your husband

  5. Wow! At last some time to catch up on reading blogs that I missed during the silly season. But where to start? Aha, I thought, a great place to start reading is Maureen Helen’s blog on her Goals and Achievements from 2018, but little did I dream that in this blog she would include a lovely photo of my painting in Subiaco’s Rowland Street. That was a total surprise, thank you Maureen Helen.

    Your achievements never cease to amaze me Maureen and the cracking pace you set is a challenge to match. It’s been a wonderful experience getting to know you and also Mia, Susan, Pam and also grateful to the amazing Amanda Kendle who has started the Mastermind Classes from which we are all learning a great deal.

    Congrats on your overall amazing achievements this year Maureen and best wishes for a magic year in your book research and writing…

    1. Hello, Tricia dear. Of course I would put your beautiful mural in my blog in a paragraph about Subiaco! I love it, and like to brag about my friend’s accomplishments.

      One of the goals I think I should set myself for this year is to have a bit more down-time, because I’m fast reaching that age when a rocking-chair on the balcony seems more and more attractive. But then something else turns up, and I put off the rocking chair until next year. Anyway, the one I used to have broke, and hasn’t been replaced.

      Looking forward to catching up for coffee VERY SOON! And of course we’ll be social media experts by mid January. I’m looking foward to reading your new blog, by the way. Have you heard about the grant?

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