The Giants have taken to Perth streets. And the Perth International Arts Festival 2015 is off to a memorable and popular start.

Today, there’s a Giant Diver asleep in full gear outside the Perth Railway Station. You can get a really good view of him from the Horseshoe Bridge.

Sleeping Diver Giant surprised commuters arriving in city by train
Sleeping Diver Giant surprised commuters arriving in city by train

The Little Girl Giant woke this morning around 9.30 in Langley Park. A band of attendants in Medieval costumes (I think!) showered and dressed her.

Behind the scenes as the Little Girl Giant woke up this morning
Behind the scenes as the Little Girl Giant woke up this morning

Ablutions over, a crane lifted her carefully onto a rusty old boat, decorated with Noongah designs. She was dressed in wet-weather gear. Just as well, because the boat began to float.

Little Girl sets off on on a cloud of fumes and spray in search for the diver
Little Girl sets off in a cloud of fumes and spray in search for the Diver

The Little Girl Giant started her journey on the boat around Langley Park and along the Swan River. Soon she began to walk, searching for the Diver Giant. Her route took her through the city to Wellington Square. She will rest there until it is time to resume her journey and her search this afternoon at 4.00 p.m. She will sleep again tonight in Langley Park.

This is a brilliant piece of street theatre. Tens of thousands of people love it already. They flocked into the city this morning. Some headed straight for Langley Park. Others thronged the streets, craning for a glimpse of the Little Girl Giant. They need not have worried. She is very hard to miss!

Crowds gather in Barrack Street
Crowds gather in Barrack Street

The Diver will sleep where he is until tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Then he, too will take to the streets.

The spectacle (and the story of the Giants) will end on Sunday around lunchtime on Langley Park. They will leave by barge around 1.00 p.m.

The Giants and their story are the brain-child of Jean-Luc Courcoult, Author/Artistic Director and Founder of Royal de Luxe Street Theatre Company, based in Nantes in France. The company is internationally acclaimed for their events.

For the next couple of days, plan your trips carefully before you go into the Central Business District. Buses trips will be disrupted, but the trains will carry extra passengers.

I’d be interested to know what you think of the Giants. Please leave a comment.

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  1. Took my five year old granddaughter tonight (Friday) – thank goodness her father was with me as he was able to hold her on his shoulders so she could see above the massive crowd – I am beyond that! We followed the girl down Hay & Hill St to Langley Park, said goodnight and then made a dash – as fast as my crippled aged legs would allow – to the Esplanade rail statio and home. A great – but exhausting – night

    1. Taking a five-year old to see the Giants was a very brave thing to do, Elizabeth. I imagine the crowds would have been enormous, and little kids have a tendency to move closer to the action and get lost. You forgot to say if you enjoyed the experience, and if your granddaughter did.

  2. Amazing, fantastic So glad I have experienced everything we did to see the Giants – from leaving home at 5.30am, to catching the train from Midland, to finding the Diver outside the railway station, to a wonderful 8am walk through beautiful Perth to Langley Park!
    Why do I love the fact they have no proper names, but I still feel so connected to them, particularly The Little Girl Giant?
    Seeing her wake up and all that went on with her was incredible! Her expressions are so lifelike.
    Several hours after our sprightly morning walk through the city saw us not so sprightly return to the trains and start our journey home.
    A fantastic day!

    1. You and Peter certainly put more effort into getting to Perth to see the Giants than many other people, Elizabeth. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience, and I’ve glad you chose to go yesterday so we could have lunch with you afterwards. It was a lovely day for our adventures, too, not too hot or raining as they forecast.

  3. Well worth the ride into town with Amelia to see the giants and from the heights of a 26 th floor pent house to ground level on Langley park and back up again to watch them lifted on to the barge. Great crowds of responsible citizens – I was pleased to be a Perthite! J

    1. Glad you and Amelia enjoyed your experience of the Giants, Jenny. I think every person who saw them would have had a different view – and yours sounds wonderful, from a 26th floor vantage point. It’s amazing how the Giants brought people together in such a community atmosphere, so we were glad to live in Perth.

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