Gardens by the Bay almost rendered me almost speechless today. It has inspired this impromptu blog post written on my tablet.

As many of my readers know, I do not blog with abandon. Well not until now. We spent six hours there but there is no way for me to write the wonder and awe I feel.

Gardens by the Bay a few facts

  • Created on 54 acres reclaimed from the sea8
  • Developed from plans inspired from an international competition in 2006
  • Completed in 2012

What sets these gardens apart

  • Landscaping along the Bay depicting a natural, historical and colonial history of Singapore in plants.
  • Plants from every region of the world except Antarctica
  • Amazing architectural and engineering features in two great conservatories or domes thickly planted with exquisite specimens
  • Environmental features including a grove of giant steel tree-like structure. The tallest is as high as a sixteen storey building. These structures cleanse the air, reduce ambient heat, provide shade and collect rainwater to mist inside one of the domes.

What I loved most

  • Beautiful plants and flowers in abundance
  • Whimsical arrangements which provoked laughter
  • Fabulous sculptures everywhere
  • Walkways around the domes
  • Views from a great height of parts of Singapore I saw earlier from the ground
Technology tree from bus
One of many orchid plants

8 replies on “Gardens by the Bay Singapore”

    1. Yes, it was lovely, John. I specially liked the way you commented Woodside Street so many times when we saw flowers and plants we grew there.

  1. Yeah – one of the most interesting places to visit. We loved our time exploring this garden too

    1. I couldn’t have been listening carefully enough when you told me about it, Jenny. I had no idea how wonderful it was. We went on the little tour bus through the outside gardens after the domes and I longed to be off that bus and walking for hours in that space. Superlatives don’t get near describing the experience.

    1. Gardens by the Bay was truly amazing, Elizabeth. A miracle of modern everything. It was hard not to see the hand of God in such a creative endeavour.

  2. I particularly loved the temperate climate inside the domes whether were crazy hot melting temperatures outside! Far too much to see just in one day though …you will have to go back!

    1. Oh, yes, Rachael. It was lovely and cool, and the mist was spectacular. Far, far too much to see. We’ll go back one afternoon, walk in the outside gardens and watch the light show when it gets dark. I hadn’t imagined the experience.

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