Fringe World Festival will run in Western Australia from 23 January to 22 February, 2015.

Not usually one to hang back, I’ve been reluctant to explore the possibilities of a festival that felt so far out of my comfort zone. I might even have been heard to say that I was too old. That was before! I wonder how I could have ignored so much fun so close to home.

One of the best ways to boost one’s creativity is to play and have fun. Fringe World Festival could be the way to go over a hot summer!

On Saturday night, we went to our first event. We caught the train to the city, quite an adventure in itself. We loved the performance in the Perth Town Hall of  the musical, The Threepenny Opera. The cabaret setting was comfortable, the music wonderful, the performance pleasant, and the atmosphere electric.

The Threepenny Opera program
The Threepenny Opera program

We’re off to see The List, directed by my friend Suzanne Ingelbrecht, on Tuesday night. Next weekend we’ll spend some time at the Pleasure Garden (aka Russell Square). After that? We are still deciding.

Fringe World Festival was first held in Perth 2011. By 2012 there were around 150 shows in 30 venues in the city of Perth. This year there are over 500 shows.

Venues vary from traditional theatres Gallery to pop-up venues in parks and at beaches. The festival hub is the Perth Cultural Centre and Northbridge in the city. Many country centres will also host a number of events.

Perth Town Hall
Perth Town Hall

There’s something for everyone at the World Fringe Festival. Performances range from circus, cabaret, comedy, dance theatre, film and music to visual arts. Children and people in their later years are well catered for, as well as everyone in between.

Fringe World Festival sign
Fringe World Festival sign



Events and performances at the Fringe World Festival are not ‘juried’. Performances are not chosen because of their artistic qualities. They range from fairly traditional to wildly experimental. And they are fun.

A wide variety of acts compete for space and ticket sales, and many are free. For discounts look for Rushtix. Tickets are released every day at 11.00 a.m. Details are published on the Fringe World Facebook Page.

At first glance, the Fringe World Festival guide (really quite a book!) appears overwhelming. But it’s packed with information. Closer examination shows that it is easy to find an event that might appeals to any taste. There is a helpful ‘Navigate this Guide’ section at the beginning, maps and an index of events at the back.

Fringe World Festival Guide
Fringe World Festival Guide


Venue maps
Venue maps

The ‘Fringe World UV Rating is fun.[i]  The Threepenny Opera, for example, was rated ‘Hot’. It’s for ‘Fringe-o-philes looking for something a little bit dark and edgy, possibly sexy’. That, by the way isn’t why we chose it!

But we could as easily chosen a performance that was ‘Mild’. That would have been ‘For Fringe newbies and those who want good clean fun (kids and grandparents included!) A great way to introduce Fringe to a friend or family member.’ Other categories are ‘Medium’ and ‘Very hot’.

The guide also indicates award winners, first time status, age rating and country of origin, alongside each entry in the guide.

So, if you are in Western Australia and haven’t yet taken the plunge, I recommend you have a look at this year’s World Fringe Festival. It’s accessible and cheap.


[i] The ultraviolet index or UV Index is an international standard measurement of the strength of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun at a particular place and time.

6 replies on “Fringe World Festival –  creative boost”

  1. What a great plug for the Fringe Festival Maureen – you are so right, there is something for everyone… and you’re never too old to start! Looking forward to seeing you at The List, Suzanne

    1. Glad you liked it, Suzanne. We have become converts in our old age! And hope to say hello on Tuesday.

  2. I’m a friend of Peter’s, Helen, and am enjoying reading your posts.
    I agree – the Fringe presents some excellent performances, is relaxed and lots of fun.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my posts, Lyn. I’m glad you are enjoying them. I really can’t believe that I’ve never been to a Fringe event before. Peter talks about them all the time, and I usually listen to him!

  3. Sounds very exciting Maureen, glad you enjoyed the outing, age has nothing to do with enjoyment – go Girl!

    1. Absolutely right about age having nothing to do with enjoyment, Elizabeth. Thanks for the comment.

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