Forty inexpensive ways to weather winter

Looking for ways to weather winter? Bored with the rain and cold? Here’s a starter list of things to do that cost nothing or very little and are also fun. of these ideas as stepping stones to a charmed (winter) life. Please share your own favourites in the comments below.


  1. Pull the curtains
  2. Bring out the rugs and throws
  3. Splash the living room with warm-coloured cushions
  4. Light candles
  5. Invite friends
  6. Mull some wine
  7. Serve hot chocolate in mugs, top with marshmallows
  8. Make soup
  9. Slow cook meals
  10. Walk in the rain
  11. Splash in puddles
  12. Watch patterns made by vehicle lights on wet roads
  13. Photograph a rainbow and a storm
  14. Unfurl the umbrellas
  15. Wear boots, raincoats … and scarves in incredible colours
  16. Share Sunday pub lunches
  17. Bush-walk (don’t forget the kids, dog and dry clothes)
  18. Walk on the beach
  19. Fly kites
  20. Go to a craft market
  21. Play sport
  22. Watch Australian Football League games live or on television
  23. Attend a concert
  24. Make or play music
  25. Visit an art gallery
  26. Explore your local library
  27. Browse in a bookshop
  28. Devour good books
  29. Write a memoir, novel, or short story
  30. Indulge in introspection
  31. Write a poem
  32. Play Scrabble, Monopoly and the Game of Life
  33. Teach the littlies to play Old Maid, Rummy, Poker
  34. Play Bridge, Five Hundred and Canasta
  35. Play Charades
  36. Start a vision board to achieve your goals
  37. Sort photos
  38. Knit, crotchet and sew
  39. Prune the roses, dig garden beds, prepare the garden for spring
  40. Snuggle into warm pyjamas and watch a favourite show.

Remember to add your favourite ideas in the comments below.

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  1. I love items 5 and 6. May not be able to help you mull some wine – but definitely can help you drink it. Send an invite?!!

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