The Fringe World Festival 2015 kicked off the major festival season in Western Australia last week. The rather more sedate Perth International Arts Festival which starts on 13 February will overlap the Fringe World Festival. It, in turn, will incorporate the Perth Writers Festival.

As if these three weren’t enough, Western Australia celebrates numerous other festivals each year. There are blues, roots and folk music festivals, comedy festivals, arts festivals, writers festivals, wine  and heritage festivals. There’s a crab festival, a tomato festival and a beer festival.

Festivals have their roots in ancient times. The Romans and Ancient Egyptians enjoyed their festivals. These days they are celebrated in many parts of the world. It is obvious that Perth has caught festival fever.

The Fringe World Festival spills untidily (and wonderfully) all over the city of Perth, with a hub in Northbridge and centres in the suburbs and many regional centres. Prices for events are reasonable. Much of the entertainment is free.

Captured by performers
Captured by performers

A wild variety of acts, events and performances take place in the most unlikely places.

Last minute tickets
Last minute tickets

Tents pop up in parks and at beaches. Buskers and performers vie for attention in open spaces and along the roads. Large theatres open their doors. The most wonderful plays can be performed in the tiniest performance spaces.

Many people choose their entertainment on the spur of the moment from a huge blackboard which announces the events for the day and evening. The board includes prices, which are often discounted.

Blackboard 'menu' at Festival
Blackboard ‘menu’ at Festival

We’d been to a couple of performances in the first week of the Fringe World Festival. We had no fixed plans when we decided to go into the hub of the Festival late on Saturday afternoon. A short train ride and we were in the Perth Cultural Centre, where we joined a carnival of young couples, parents with babies in prams and older kids, teenagers in packs and other older folk like us. What a festive way to celebrate a summer evening!

Next week we’ll explore the Festival offerings at a beach a few kilometres from home.

Fringe World Festival runs for three more weeks, until 22 February.

Fringe World Festival Guide
Fringe World Festival Guide

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  1. Enjoy; enjoy; enjoy for me and all those who cannot attend in spite of wishing to. RosieX

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