Extraordinary mothers combine in special team work

Extraordiny mothers photo of baby

Two extraordinary mothers, my granddaughter and daughter, provided an outstanding example of teamwork when my newest great-grandchild arrived recently. And what a beautiful baby he is!

Alistair James Stuart Linton decided he’d had enough waiting for something to happen. He was born, several weeks early, with little warning (an understatement). His grandmother, my daughter Jenny, managed to arrive with just enough time to deliver him safely at home in the shower. Lucky she lives a quick phone call and 2-3 minutes away by car.

Claire-Helen, Bhen and Alistair

The photo above, taken by Rachel Linton, shows Claire-Helen and Bhen with newborn Alistair. The extraordinary mother managed to sit in the bath for a photoshoot and to wait for an ambulance to take the family to hospital for a postnatal checkup.

Bhen had been on an errand to his parents’ house, 10 minutes from home. He arrived a few minutes after the birth. I haven’t had a conversation with him about speed limits or traffic lights but I know he’s delighted that all ended well.

Welcome to Alistair. A big shout-out to his parents, Claire-Helen and Bhen Linton for heroic behaviour. Special congratulations to grandmother-midwife, Jenny O’Callaghan. And what a lucky little boy to have a bevy of adoring siblings ready to enjoy his company.

3 March, Elizabeth, Edward and Alexandra
Elizabeth, Edward and Alexandra Linton

An abundance of extraordinary mothers

Bhen’s mother, Rachel Linton, another extraordinary mother, drove with him to the Linton house. When she couldn’t find string to tie the cord, the resourceful Rachel produced ribbon from the craft box. I hear it worked a treat. She stayed the night with the other children, but not before she and Jenny had cleaned and done whatever needed to be done.

I include myself in this bevy of women. Not because of anything I did or do. But because Alistair is my twelfth great-grandchild. That’s cause for celebration in anyone’s life. When Elizabeth arrived eleven years ago, someone asked if I needed to sit to hold her. Then, no. Now? Oh, yes please.

Extraordinary mother of an older generation

Because of an ‘abundance of caution’ I’ve only seen Alistair and Claire once. Above is the record of that meeting. So beautiful. So squishy. I had forgotten…

Before the end of May, two more great-grandchildren will arrive. So blessed!


Mother Nature has been chosen this week as a challenge prompt by my friends, bloggers SueW from Yorkshire and her blogging partner, GC from Canada. Pleases click on their names if you would like to read entertaining posts with wonderful pictures.

How could I resist a challenge like that? Especially this month, when the first of my little batch of new great-grandchildren came into the world in dramatic circumstances on Saturday 12 March 2022.

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about being a grandmother, and another, The doula or the grandmother.

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    1. Thank you, Maureen. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. We are all delighted with our beautiful baby, Alistair.

  1. Maureen, such a heart-warming story. Warmest congratulations to you and to the whole family.
    You must feel so proud of your creations.xx

    1. Thank you, Sue. It’s a delicious story, and I’m amazed how easily I fall in love with each new member of our family. I am proud. You are right! xx I sent a comment to your site recently about how I’d like to have connection with you, perhaps through personal email. Can you check please?

      1. Of cause, Maureen. I think you have one email address (I have three) but I’ll send a message from my personal account rather than the one I use for WordPress.

  2. Truly a beautiful story. Congratulations to mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. You certainly are handing down to your beautiful family a precious example of motherhood. Thanks for sharing dear friend.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Claire and I were talking about the pleasure of being a mother today, and in spite of the rough (and sometimes very rough) times we have both experienced, we decided it really suits us. And all the time, I sat and cuddled Alistair. How wonderful was that.

  3. Oh I love this story of gorgeous Alistair’s arrival! Congratulations to you and all the family – and especially to the amazing women involved in the safe delivery of your latest great-grandchild xx

    1. A truly amazing story, Fiona. Jenny is very competent. The mother of five and now grandmother of five, she was an ideal person to deliver a baby that insisted on being born before the father or ambulance could arrive. Such a good outcome! Thank you for your congratulations.

    1. Thank you Michele. It is such an amazing story, and they are all doing beautifully. He is the luckiest little boy to be surrounded by so much love.

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