Explore Subiaco’s industrial sculptures

Subiaco’s industrial sculptures reflect the city’s origins as a partly industrial suburb on the outskirts of the City of Perth. Some industry still exists, but will soon be phased out. In recent decades, Subiaco developed into a highly sought after residential enclave less than four kilometres from the Perth CBD. Not long ago, our street was home to used car lots.

Subiaco's industrial sculptures

Subiaco’s City Council takes its public art seriously. It’s website states,

The Public Art Strategy builds on a number of the city’s goals and strategies to deliver social, environmental and cultural benefits for the community.

John and I moved into our apartment almost two years go. We began to walk every day and we still frequently find new (to us) public art on our walks.

I wrote about the murals in a blog soon after we moved. You can read it if you click here. Much of the art is great fun. For instance, the fragments of murals shown below decorate the walls of a cycle/walkway under a main road a short distance from home.

Three murals in subiCO

Statues pop up in the most unexpected places. Some are conventional, as you’d expect but others are modern, edgy. They provide visual interest in the parks, on street corners and tucked away in arcades in the shopping strip.

Subiaco’s industrial sculptures

Subiaco’s industrial sculptures seem to be concentrated in areas where industry once thrived, such as the site of the old china factory in Hay Street. These sculptures are not the norm for artwork in a residential area. That’s why I’m including in my friends‘ Photo Prompts for this week.

Below are just a sample of images of major pieces in the residential streets.

As well as sculptures, several fragments of buildings remain as a reminder of the previous life of this part of Subiaco. See below an example of walls in front of a luxurious new apartment block. The structure boasts a commemorative plaque to celebrate the china factor It has been repurposed as a shelter.

Spotting the industrial sculptures can be entertaining sport. If you live near any of Subiaco’s industrial sculptures, you could easily become accustomed to them. If, you are a visitor from elsewhere, you can download the PDF Art Trail document here.

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    1. Hi, Sue. Yes, I think they are unusual, but because they’ve been made to look so interesting and attractive. I guess part of the plan for the City of Subiaco is that while they do have denser housing than other parts of Perth, they also maintain green belts and beautiful parks – all different.

  1. Loving your backyard tourism posts. I don’t know Subiaco was home to do many sculptures.

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