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Elopement: A Memoir is the title of the new book I’ve written.  It’s about falling in love and marrying in later life. After six years writing, it will be released in October. 

An autobiography tells the story of the whole of a writer’s life. It is the ideal medium for life-stories of the rich and famous. Politicians and other important people also write their autobiographies.

Memoir is also a story about the writer’s life, This genre is better suited to us lesser mortals. Memoir differs sharply from autobiography. It does not try for a grand sweep. Instead, memoir narrows the story to an event or an aspect of the writer’s experience.

Elopement: A Memoir Is about a recent part of my life.  I have the photos, like a novelist’s pin board. I’d love to share them with my readers.

Elopement: A Memoir – photos

A previously committed land-lubber, I took to sailing with a passion after I met John. We spent lots of time on board his beautiful yacht, Amigo Diablo.

John cooking newly-caught herring for my lunch in an early scene from Elopement: a Memoir

John cooking newly-caught herring for my lunch in an early scene from Elopement: a Memoir

This is the photo of the Fremantle Yacht Club. I took it during my first helicopter ride. The ride was an amazing gift from my son, James O’Callaghan, for my 69th birthday.

Fremantle Yacht Club

Fremantle Yacht Club

John and I married during a romantic, very private nuptial Mass in 2007.  Father Trevor Simons was the celebrant. John turned seventy-one the day before.

Signing the Register

Signing the Register – Elopement: A Memoir

A few hours later, we flew to Paris. That was the start of a six-week-long holiday in France. It was my first ever trip to Europe.  Here are some images that epitomise my experience.

Laughing in the rain. Not sure about the redness of our cheeks - the photo is untouched!

Laughing in the rain. N

Hot chocolate as I'd never imagined it.

Hot chocolate as I’d never imagined it with a map of Paris at hand

Fishing boats on canal in Sete near our appartment

Fishing boats on a canal near our apartment in Sete in the south of France

On the steps of the Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès home of the international film festival

On the famous steps of the Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès –
home of the international film festival

There are hundreds more images. All of them have informed Elopement: A Memoir. The purpose of this post is to share a taste of my experience.

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  1. Maureen- it’s so close! love the pic of you on the steps. Such a happy pic! Xx

    • We had a fabulous time in France and I loved the South. Such happy memories and we were lucky to spend so much time there. And yes, publication of the book is really close, and I am excited and a bit nervous about it. Mostly excited!

    • I seem to have missed your comment, Melinda. Sorry. Yes, Launching on 6 November, 5.30 – 7 p.m. at the Centre for Stories, 100 Aberdeen Street. Please Come!

    • Thanks, Louise. I’d love you to read the book, and I’m delighted you saw the post as a hook.

    • Thanks, Christina. The photos are among my favourites, of course. Such a lovely record of a life together.

  2. I would dearly love to read the blurb BUT my computer will not co- operate.!! RXX

    • Hi, Rosemary. I posted my back cover blurb on a post, but I think it may have been while you were unwell with that virus. I will send it to you in an email.

  3. I too am very eager for this book to be published and to share what I know will be a beautifully told love story about amazingly courageous and engaging people:-) Jxxx

    • Thank you for those lovely sentiments, Jenny. Without your loving support this may never have been written.

  4. Yes to all comments – really looking forward to reading the book. Hope you get this post this time??!!

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