Cubby study sanctuary – a place to love

cubby study sanctuary

Cubby study sanctuary, my place to retreat and enjoy. The tiny space off the living room in our apartment grabbed my attention. Used for storage of unfolded laundry by the tenants-in-residence, its potential thrilled.

It’s called a study-nook on the plan,’ the real estate agent said.

I’m yours!’ the little space whispered.

John and I planned to down-size. With a study, however small, as well as two bedrooms, the process would be painless. John claimed his space on the balcony where he could paint. That meant we would right-size, not down-size.

A cubby study sanctuary encourages its owner to play

It’s the sort of room where anything can happen. While the rest of our apartment is quiet, restrained, ‘proper’, in this room I play. Because it’s a playroom (cubby), there’s colour and fun.

colour and fun

I enjoy the colours and texture, the coziness of this crochet rug in winter. I’ll remove it when I’m in a different mood, or when something else appeals more. Changeability and fun define this sanctuary.

It’s where I write, blog, plan, think and daydream. Sometimes I sew or meditate or pray. I’ts where I store my far-too-many notebooks and coloured pens, paints and pastels, paper. Books line one wall. The pile below tells a little of my current thoughts and preoccupations.

cubby study sanctuary books

On the side of a cupboard near my desk, I stick postcards, photos and pictures that take my fancy. They change often.

pictures and postcards

The gallery below shows some of the special things here. They include my current writing notebook full of ideas for a new project. The unseasonal roses grew in Jenny’s garden. John bought the red vase in a market when we holidayed in Singapore. The orchid reflects my love of these flowers which I used to grow in suburbia.

And the precious pet rock? A gift from my late daughter, Anne, when she was a student in Year 7. A much loved source of inspiration and joy.

Other people’s writing spaces

Other writers post photos of their deliciously tidy studies, with polished furniture and billowing curtains at windows with spectacular views. Others show dedicated studios set in gardens. My cubby study sanctuary is nothing like them.

As you can see it’s a hodge-podge of loved items with a suitable workspace for a writer. I wanted to share because it’s where I’m planning my next masterpiece!


I’ve linked this post to the weekend blog prompt set by my friends, SueW in Yorkshire and GC in Canada. They blog at Nan’s Farm and The Main Aisle. This week’s word is Sanctuary

You can read more about our downsizing adventures and our apartment by clicking on the words.

As usual, I’d love to read your comments.

10 replies on “Cubby study sanctuary – a place to love”

  1. Maureen, I think your sanctuary is just perfect, and I love the personal touches, those little things that mean a lot. Thank you for sharing this and joining in with our challenge.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I do like my sanctuary. The pleasure of joining the challenge was mine. I often think I get notifications about the word too late. Not sure why, but I really love thinking up blog posts that fit.

  2. How gorgeous, Maureen. I love your nook. It’s uniquely yours. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes, definitely great to have a ‘sanctuary’ that we can call our own. Mine is a corner of the second bedroom. I love entering every day, check my emails, do some writing (I do have to admit I could do more), some research, and reading your blog. I have to share this special space once a month with my 22 yr grandson. He is special – he has autism and though he spends all his waking time on my computer, he does appreciate my ‘sanctuary’ and respects all that is mine.

    As always Maureen – thank you for the time you put into your shred blogs – I always look forward to them. And yes, I do love your ‘sanctuary’. Now i know why that beautiful rug was on display when I visited the other day!!

    1. I’m glad you are writing, Elizabeth B. And it doesn’t matter how much, as long as you are writing. It’s good to know that my writing buddy of so many years is still going, and we can still share that interest after so long.

      I love that your grandson shares your space, even once a month. He seems to love visiting you, and enjoys your computer and sanctuary.

      Thank you for your kind comments about my blog and about my sanctuary. They hit the spot! xx

  4. Wow, your ‘Cubby Study Sanctuary’ is colourful, a great resource and a very cosy sacred space in your life Maureen. It was a delight to read about your mementos and how you came by them. I love the pet rocks from when Anne was in Year 7. That is very special indeed, I also love the beautiful roses too.
    It’s nice that you have your own special nook Maureen. It’s also exciting for us to ponder on what exciting literary adventure will pop out of your special place in the future Maureen. Maybe it will be a ‘Short Story Cycle’ or some other lovely creation. The one thing we can be sure of is that it would be written with dedication and with style. Can’t wait to see what pops up 🙂

    1. My cubby study certainly is colourful at the moment. Sometimes I redecorate or rehash what is here and it becomes more subdued and quieter. It depends on my mood and what I’m working on, as well as the other things that are happening in my life. I fell for this apartment the moment I saw the tiny space that was used by previous residents as an ironing room. It was packed with unironed clothes and an ironing board. At first glimpse, I knew what I’d do with it. And I’ve been happy with the result. I do so hope that a short story cycle will emerge from here soon. But in the meantime, I’m happy to have a space to write blogs and to read and meditate on the world. Thank you for being so interested.

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