Kick start your writing Part 2

Kick start your your writing, a session I facilitated last week at the Peter Cowan Writers Centre came about  by accident. It grew from a conversation over coffee with the Acting President, Susan Stevens. I mentioned that there was information that I would have loved when I started writing. Kick start your writing was the result.

Kick start your writing Part 1

Kick start your writing was the informal title of the session I facilitated a  at the lovely Peter Cowan Writers Centre yesterday. The formal title was ‘Getting started as a writer.’ But the informal name is much more fun. Twelve people of varying skills-levels participated.

Watershed for manuscript

A watershed moment has happened for my writing. It’s time for cautious celebration. There is still a long way to go. But it did feel good yesterday when I wrote, ‘The End’ on the last page of the manuscript of my new memoir. Then I printed it, for no reason except that I could. Three hundred pages, 70 000 …

Blogging blocks for an unwary blogger

Blogging became one of my pastimes and a new passion about eighteen months ago. At first it was a big challenge. So much to learn, so much new material to assimilate. Then I grew to love it, thought I was on a roll. But then, ever greedy for new experiences, I entered a blogging competition.

Dementia and selective memory in fiction

There are many causes of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. In Australia, more than 332,000 people currently suffer from Alzheimer’s alone. As the population ages, the incidence of dementia also is expected to increase. As a person’s symptoms of dementia increase, more and more short-term memory is lost. The person will live much more in the …

Chick-lit to read and review

Chick-lit is one of my go-to choices for holiday reading. These novels are easy to read. I’m happy to read them by a pool or to shove them in my bag. On the surface, they’re fast and frivolous and often hard to put down. There’s always a strong theme, a fast-moving plot and some lovable characters. The novels are, in a word, …

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