Rereading favourite books (PWF)

Rereading favourite books is a joy for many people. We not only reconnect with favourite authors and characters. In a way we also reconnect with younger ourselves. Many writers also think rereading favourite books is a necessity.

Enid Blyton once a famous children's writer

Enid Blyton once a famous children’s writer

These were among the points made during a session which I thoroughly enjoyed at the Perth Writers Festival (PWF) 2016. Authors Tracey Farr, Debra Adelaide and Peter Rose discussed ‘A Reader’s Life’ with Sarah McNeil. Continue reading

Purple prose and change of pace

Purple prose, according to Wikipedia, is

prose text that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself. Purple prose is characterized by the extensive use of adjectives, adverbs, zombie nouns, and metaphors.


Purple prose manuscript hoping to become a book

Purple prose manuscript hoping to become a book

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