Orchids, writing and distractions

Orchids are not  exactly my favourite flowers. They do fascinate me. For years I’ve tried to grow cymbidium orchids. Some years they bloom with festive joy. Other years they sulk. This has been a sulking year. My orchid plants have been neglected while I’ve been writing, rewriting, worrying. Not one bud has emerged. Continue reading

Housework – can it assist creativity?

Housework may not assist creativity for everyone. Some people tell me they thrive on chaos.

For  me housework is itself a creative activity. I find it very satisfying. Every week, when my house is clean and pretty, I feel as if I’ve created a glimpse of a peaceful paradise. Continue reading

The Christmas pudding-making event

Christmas Pudding, 2014

Christmas Pudding, 2014

Our family has a long-standing tradition of Christmas pudding making.

It is a precious event in my calendar. I should have known that to write a blog about it would be difficult. There are so many memories, so much to say, that I’m afraid I won’t do justice to the custom. But our Christmas pudding deserves to be celebrated in writing.

There’s great mystique about this family tradition that stretches back as far in my maternal family as this old woman can remember.  My mother made a Christmas pudding every year that I can remember. And her mother before her. I am the privileged living link (through Christmas puddings) between six generations of women and girls. Boys are welcome, too!

Continue reading