White feathers and heroes

I probably shouldn’t mention white feathers. Not on the eve of Anzac Day. Especially not on the eve of an Anzac Day which will be like no other we have ever experienced. Thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, we will perhaps go to the end of our driveways at 6.00 am and listen to a broadcast …

Domestic violence finally on agenda

Domestic violence has finally become a matter of national importance. Earlier this year I was jubilant when Rosie Batty was named Australian of the Year, 2015. Rosie Batty was a victim of domestic violence. Her son, Luke, was battered to death by his father during an access visit on a cricket oval. She campaigns against domestic …

‘Killing Daniel’ a true story

‘Killing Daniel’  is a powerful story about real events. It is just one story in a collection of gritty writing in True Stories, by Helen Garner. The subject matter of  ‘Killing Daniel’ should concern all of us. This special story should be compulsory reading for everyone who cares about the safety of children.

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