More newsletter than blog for the end of May

Here’s a newsletter so everyone knows I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks. My usual pastimes have fallen by the way. Blogs not written. House barely cleaned. Take-away meals on the table every night (no, just wishing, kidding!). But I have been busy, in my own, pottering-around, eighty-four year old way. Life has …

Social life for eighty-year-olds injects new life

Social life for eighty-years-olds includes visits from family, coffee with friends and meeting in groups for craft activities or exercise. Bus trips and overnight sleepovers give older people enjoyment and so do competition cards, bingo and bowls. Anything done with other people benefits us, and some things more than others. Some outings make us tired. …

Confessions of a house cleaner tragic

A house cleaner tragic through and through, I’ve enjoyed cleaning my own house all my adult life. I find it meditative, creative and satisfying. But, at 80+ I finally decided to take the plunge and employ a cleaning firm that specialises in working in apartments.

Wildflowers, the bush and a Probus Club

Wildflowers bloom in profusion in the bush in the Western Australian spring. They start late in winter in the warmer, northern parts of the state and sweep south, region-by-region.  

Six reasons why an apartment could be better than retirement housing

The financial aspect of retirement housing dominated the ‘Your Money’ section of today’s The West Australian.  The articles suggested that seniors should weigh up, seriously, the advantages of moving into park homes and retirement villages.

Pamela Lynch, How the hell did I get here? Book Review

Pamela Lynch is one amazing woman. She completed a PhD in Classics and Ancient History when she was 55. A few months before her sixtieth birthday, she trekked to the Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas.

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