Can we nurture creativity?

Can we nurture creativity, our own or that of our children? It’s a pity we even have to ask the question. Pre-school children show intriguing powers of creativity. They invent and experiment as they play. They imagine what it would be like to be another person – Mum, Dad, teacher, doctor, ballerina, helicopter-pilot. Their drawings and paintings are free and uninhibited. […]

Lists can increase creativity

My life without lists is unimaginable. I don’t know how I’d operate without them. Some of my lists are ongoing. Others spring up whenever there’s a new need, or simply because I feel like making a catalogue or a record. Mostly my lists are about the future.  Occasionally, they’re open-ended records. My lists have been quite furtive, […]

Creating a personal brand

Everyone knows about commercial brands. We have all experienced the way they assault our senses from television, newspapers, the internet and billboards.  We instantly recognise brands like Coca Cola, with its images of youth and fun; McDonalds with images of families and fast food, everywhere; and the quality of BMW. We can easily differentiate between brands of beer, perfume, personal products and […]

Lifelong learning

There’s been a state of chaos à chez nous for the past few weeks. Chaos isn’t usually a state I embrace readily; my mind demands external order, quiet and peace. But this mess has been for the sake of a worthy cause. Believing passionately as I do that lifelong learning is not only a right for everyone, but an […]

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