Media cycle – how are we affected?

  Listening to journalists and authors Ros Thomas and Geraldine Doogue in conversation about the media cycle with Patricia Karvelas at the Perth Writers Festival 2015 was a joy. It also made me think. A lot. Ros and Geraldine are well-known to Western Australian audiences. Indeed, some of us claim them as ours. They both began […]

Fairy tales and modern novels

Fairy tales can be retold with contemporary themes. At the Perth Writers Festival 2015,  two Australian novelists discussed their latest novels, based on fairy tales. Interestingly, both writers use the story of Rapunzel as a starting point for very different stories. You can read a translation of this fairy story  by the Brothers Grimm here.

Creativity and playfulness

Creativity and playfulness (having fun) always exist together. Children at play create. They experiment with whatever is at hand. They invent new roles and try them out. Creative people talk about ‘playing with ideas’. Artists and writers, cooks and gardeners all experiment. They try out new ways of doing things. Albert Einstein  is quoted as […]

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